E-learning templates: Create even more impressive elearning courses

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The e-learning sector is forging ahead in leaps and bounds. Just a few years ago it was unthinkable to embark on an e-learning project without having specialized suppliers or a technical team of designers, programmers or experts in complicated tools.

That’s why at isEazy Author we’re always throwing around ideas to help you increase your creation capacities as you boost productivity. This time we’ve come up with e-learning templates ideas.

Forget about having to start from a blank slate when creating slides; now you can use all kinds of e-learning templates designed to get your creative juices flowing as you build your content.

In the following example, you can see one of the latest templates we’ve added, the Fluor template.

elearning templates

Are you looking for a slide to talk about your team? Or maybe planning an onboarding training… Done! We have the best e-learning templates for everything. Just customize your content without having to worry about anything else.

This way, every time you create a new slide you can decide whether you want start with a blank one (as always) or use one of the new slide templates that we’ve set up for you.

Next, our (also new) Contrast template, with a very appealing design to catch your audience’s attention instantly. 😉

You can choose among different categories. There are different e-learning course templates for each of them, so you can easily find the one that best suits the content you want to communicate.

As you can see, there are a ton of possibilities. Once you’ve chosen the best e-learning template, most of your work is done! You only have to change the text and, if you want, the images. All the images we use in the templates have been carefully selected and are royalty-free, so you can feel free to use them.

What does this mean for you? A lot of new benefits that will raise the bar for your courses in terms of quality wherever you look:

  • Pedagogy: we give you lots of ideas on how to use the interactive elements in the templates that you may not have thought about. This makes your courses more dynamic, more interactive and more varied. Don’t let your students get bored!
  • Design: stop thinking about what the best color scheme is and focus on your content. Forget about design concerns without sacrificing your ability to create courses that are much more visibly appealing and have a more consistent design than if you created them from scratch.
  • Efficiency: perhaps the most important of all, at a time when agility is a plus. With predesigned screens you’ll spend a lot less time creating your e-learning courses. Just choose the one that best suits the content you want to show, without having to adjust your styles every time.
  • Independence and autonomy: you can not only forget about needing a programmer, you can also do without the role of a designer in the process of creating your course. This reduces your costs, as you gain a little more agility because your design work is already done, which allows you to become totally independent when creating your courses without sacrificing quality in any aspect.

With templates tailored to your corporate style and pedagogical needs, creating your content will be even more efficient and enjoyable.

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