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Effective, dynamic and measurable training

Motivate your learners to acquire knowledge in a fun way.


Configure your challenge

Unleash your creativity with isEazy Game and challenge your employees! Choose from a diverse range of preconfigured quizzes and games tailored to your specific needs and pedagogical goals.

Individual or team? You choose!

Single player

Challenge employees to validate their own learning acquisition.


Motivate employees to learn more. They can earn points individually to level up or compete with another player.

Team vs Team

Get challenges going with other departments or company HQs to improve team synergy through gamified team building activities.


Encourage play, build rapport

Increase peer connections and knowledge retention through challenges.


Celebrate achievement

Celebrate individual or group achievements – you decide. Your learners will be motivated to aim higher and move up the ranking.

  • Rankings

    Whether individually, in teams, or by department, and based on challenge participation or accumulated points, our platform cultivates a competitive spirit while fostering collaboration. 

  • Levels

    Set thresholds of achievement and increase their desire to move up. Anyone can win!


Bring your people together

Cultivate a sense of community, encourage teamwork, and improve employee relationships. With isEazy Game’s social and collaborative features, you will create long-lasting team synergies from the very first moment. 


Elevate your internal communication using our diverse chat options, be it individual or group chats. Keep your team aligned and engaged with the company through a straightforward and informal channel, ensuring real-time updates for all employees, regardless of their location!


Keep your collaborators always up to date with everything that happens in the app. New documentation included, challenges from their colleagues, interactions...


Improve communication between the members of your company, promote the exchange of ideas and encourage participation.

Peer to peer learning

Allow your employees to create and share their own content. Articles, videos, audios ... and all kinds of resources.


Bring out their social side! With our likes and favorites social features your employees will feel part of the project and their level of motivation will grow nonstop.

Ready to get into isEazy Game?


Assess knowledge

How much do your employees know and are they already subject matter experts? With isEazy Game you will be able to analyze their activity and progress easily and instantly.


Make informed decisions based on real-time data on individual and groups of learners.

  • Review completion rates, usage stats and performance metrics.
  • Monitor user activity and track learning progression.
  • Use results to inform action plans and future development initiatives. 

Knowledge radar

Do you know the percentage of correct answers in each category? Discover each user’s strengths and areas for improvement with our knowledge radar. It’s specially designed for you and your team to easily assess knowledge levels at a glance, anytime! 

So much more than fun and games

Flexibility & autonomy

Easy to use for users and simple to manage for administrators.

Engaging content

Create agile and fun microcontent that your employees can access at any time.


Our app is available in 23 languages!

Smart search

Your learners will easily locate information using our enhanced search engine.

Customer support

A full service suite of IT and 'how to' support services for administrators.

Award-winning e-learning training

What are you waiting for?

Engage, empower and connect your team with isEazy Game.

Are you going to leave without trying it?

Boost your learning success with isEazy Game.
Try it free for 15 days and convince yourself!

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Design and share your own training content.


Bespoke content creation in record time.


Learning and management centred on the user experience.


A complete catalogue for upskilling your team.


Gamification app for boosting the success of your training.


Sustainable app with a wide range of courses online.