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Effective, dynamic and measurable training

Motivate your learners to acquire knowledge in a fun way.


Configure your challenge

Be as creative (and challenging) as you like! Choose from a wide variety of game and quiz formats, preconfigured for easy set-up, to suit your needs.

Individual or team? You choose!

Single player

Challenge employees to validate their own learning acquisition.


Motivate employees to learn more - to collect points by challenging the knowledge acquired by others - and to move up to a higher level.

Team vs Team

Challenges between departments or sites to build team cohesion, identity and common purpose.


Encourage play, build rapport

Increase peer connections and knowledge retention through challenges.


Celebrate achievement

Celebrate individual or group achievements – you decide. Your learners will be motivated to aim higher and move up the ranking.

  • Rankings

    By individual or team. Configure ‘points’ that users can earn for knowledge acquired, own knowledge shared and even for desired behaviours.

  • Levels

    Set thresholds of achievement and increase their desire to move up. Anyone can win!


Bring your people together

Bring teams back together and engage them in the positive social dynamics of serious play.


Encourage individuals or teams to coalesce around your knowledge or skills focus in chat forums. Reward knowledge acquisition and insights or best practices shared - anytime in real time, on any device.


Leverage the characteristics of the most addictive social media platforms to keep your learners engaged: new posts, new content added, challenges and more.


Improve communication between the members of your company, promote the exchange of ideas and encourage participation.

Peer to peer learning

Allow your employees to create and share their own content. Articles, videos, audios ... and all kinds of resources.


Bring out their social side! Likes and favorites will see the best content and contributions gain most visibility - and encourage more interaction.

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Assess knowledge

What do your employees know about your desired knowledge area or topic – and where do they need to be? Rapidly close the gap with the most accessible gamified content.


Make informed decisions based on real-time data on individual and groups of learners.

  • Review completion rates, usage stats and performance metrics.
  • Monitor user activity and track learning progression.
  • Use results to inform action plans and future development initiatives. 

Knowledge radar

Know the percentage of correct questions in each category? Use our knowledge radar tool to dig deep in the data and reveal insights at the learner and team levels.

So much more than fun and games

Flexibility & autonomy

Easy to use for users and simple to manage for administrators.

Always engaging content

isEazy Game's intuitive, attractive and immersive interface and


Our app is available in 23 languages!

Smart search

Your learners will easily locate information using our enhanced search engine.

Customer support

A full service suite of IT and 'how to' support services for administrators.

Award-winning e-learning training

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Engage, empower and embed with isEazy game

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Boost your learning success with isEazy Game.
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Design and share your own training content.


Bespoke content creation in record time.


Learning and management centred on the user experience.


A complete catalogue for upskilling your team.


Gamification app for boosting the success of your training.


Sustainable app with a wide range of courses online.