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How to create and manage a personalized learning experience for an expanding team


Retail and fashion


28M per month


2500 at Pepco Iberia


Author, LMS

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Pepco is a retail and fashion chain with more than 3000 stores in 17 European countries. Since it was first founded in 2004, Pepco has become a leading international retailer which offers clients access to all the products they need for their day-to-day life.

As part of their expansion plan, Pepco Iberia aims to grow its team of 2500 employees by 1000 each year. To do so, they needed the tools to meet the learning requirements of an increasingly large and diverse workforce. This meant updating and improving their training process to cater to a wide range of professionals based both in the office and in-store, offering them the knowledge needed to perform their daily tasks effectively.

Roberto Germán, Pepco Iberia Human Resources Manager, and Hossa Agzanay, Pepco Iberia Recruit & Development Manager, share their experience with isEazy LMS and isEazy Author and how, thanks to these tools, they were able to:

  • Offer 2500 employees the necessary training to carry out their daily tasks.
  • Develop personalized content according to each professional profile.
  • Manage the entire training process quickly and efficiently.
  • Boost completion rates from 27% to almost 84%.

Explained by

Roberto Germán

Pepco Iberia Human Resources Manager.

Hossa Agzanay

Pepco Iberia Recruitment & Development Manager.

Germán Rodríguez

Pepco Iberia Training & HR Projects Manager.

For us, isEazy is essential for extending training and work procedures to all points of sale in an agile and fun way.”

Roberto Germán, Pepco Iberia Human Resources Manager.

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