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AI for e-learning course creation

Unleash your full potential and create new courses at top speed with Artificial Intelligence.


Turn AI into your main ally

Now it’s even easier to create effective e-learning courses. Multiply your productivity thanks to our powerful AI features, and take the learning experience to the next level.

Find your inspiration

Do you need to add games and exercises to give your courses a boost? Ask isEazy Author’s AI to create them for you automatically based on the rest of the content.

Would you like to turn your most complex content into a video that makes it easier for your students to understand? With just a couple of clicks, you’ll have a video with a presenter to guide the student through the content.


Courses at the speed of light

Enjoy the highest quality features with minimal effort.

Translate your entire project into any language in just a few clicks.

Generate a final test in seconds, featuring questions based on your existing course content.

Add automatic voiceovers. Simply choose the genre, language and variation you want, and the AI will do the hard work for you.

Automatically generate subtitles for all your videos and audios.


Make magic with your content

Now you can quickly convert your existing PowerPoint content into SCORM courses.

Plus, thanks to AI, you can add a full range of multimedia and interactive resources, including a final test, to make your content more dynamic and impactful.

Award-winning authoring software


Creating courses with AI allows content editors to multiply their productivity, as it represents a saving of time and resources; but it also expands possibilities and inspiration to create more attractive and effective learning experiences.

We make it easy for you! If you want to enjoy the powerful AI functionalities of isEazy Author, just sign up for a free trial or request a demo here. A professional from our team will contact you as soon as possible to assist you.

No, in fact, creating e-learning courses with isEazy Author is even easier now! You can now generate translations, voiceovers, subtitles, games, final assessments, and even videos with avatars automatically and with just a couple of clicks. Also, remember that our help portal is available to resolve any additional questions that may arise.

At isEazy Author, we use AI as an ally so you can optimize the process of creating your courses and give a boost to your content. Thanks to features such as automatic translations, incorporation of voiceovers and subtitles, or the creation of interactives based on your course content, you’ll see how editing time is reduced and you can create high-quality e-learning courses with minimal effort.

Of course! All our customization and design features remain intact. Personalize the course with your logo, colors, fonts… and give it a unique touch.

We work with Microsoft Azure, a leader in information security, to ensure that the data you use in our AI services will never be used to retrain models and will not store customer data outside of our infrastructure.

Make AI your strongest ally

Get a headstart in the new era of e-learning!

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Bespoke content creation in record time.


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