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Through its slogan “Connecting for a better future”, Vodafone has become one of the world’s most powerful telecommunications companies, bringing together more than 650 million people and companies of all sizes. However, in order to be able to respond to the demands of a sector as competitive as telecommunications, Vodafone Spain needed a tool that would allow them to meet their continuous training needs. This was a difficult task with a workforce of more than 4,000 employees.

Although the company had already been using other more traditional course creation tools, they had not yet found a solution that provided the agility and autonomy they needed, and were forced to outsource these services. Vodafone needed a tool that would allow the team to quickly learn how to become a content factory, and involve other people in the company who were not familiar with e-learning content development in the course creation process.

Carmen María López Fernández de Córdoba, Learning Contents Factory Team Leader, shares her experience with isEazy Author. Thanks to the tool, they have managed to optimize the creation time of their e-learning courses, achieving the highest quality. Now, Vodafone is able to reach its training objectives, thanks to a tool that allows them to:

  • Create training programs for any purpose, autonomously.
  • Develop more visually appealing courses that boost the training completion rate.
  • Develop their own content factory by producing more than 70% of courses in-house.

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Carmen María López Fernández de Córdoba

Learning Contents Factory Team Leader

Remember! Although you’ll find it under the name isEazy, our authoring tool is now called isEazy Author. We have a new look, but we are still the #1 software for creating e-learning courses.

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