How we streamline the production of e-learning content at fischer




50 locations in more than 38 countries


Fixing systems, construction kits, automotive and consulting


5,400 employees worldwide

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Ever since it was founded 74 years ago, the fischer Group of Companies has been engaged in the production of fixing products. Currently, it is one of the biggest manufacturer in the world. fischer also manufactures high-quality parts for vehicle interiors, construction kits as well as electronic solutions and advices companies on their path towards lean and efficient processes. Today, it has 50 locations in more than 38 countries including Argentina, China, Germany, India, Japan, Qatar, the United States and Vietnam.

In particular, this sector is one of the most specialised in existence. This has prompted the company to set up a continuous training programme to ensure the training of its more than 5,400 professionals.

To do so, they needed a tool that would help them to create and update their e-learning content quickly and intuitively. Bianca Brösamle and Lena Seeger, Human Resources Development Specialists at fischer, explain how isEazy Author has been able to meet these needs.

Read about our success story and discover how, thanks to our software, fischer has been able to:

  • Develop highly attractive content without the need for any technical knowledge.
  • Create 100% customised courses based on its corporate image, colours and branding, without complicating the work of content creators.
  • Optimise its training processes thanks to features such as collaborative editing and auto-saving.
  • Add interactivity to its courses thanks to the wide range of resources and games available on isEazy Author.

Explained by

Lena Seeger Fischer

Lena Seeger

Human Resources Development Specialist

Bianca Brosamle Fischer

Bianca Brösamle

Human Resources Development Specialist

“At fischer, we are continuously updating our training courses and offering tailored and personalised learning to all of our employees. Thanks to isEazy Author, we can rely on a tool that allows us to easily create and update our own content, enabling us to develop lifelong training which is sustainable in the long term”. Bianca Brösamle, Human Resources Development Specialist.

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