We increased engagement with Shiseido’s training program with gamification









More about the case study

With more than 145 years of history, present in 120 countries, Shiseido has become the first cosmetics firm in the Asian market and the fourth in sales worldwide.

Consuelo Mohedano, Training and Education Director at Shiseido; and Antonio Rosique, SMI & Senior National Trainer tell us about the impact isEazy Game has had on their network of employees and how it has managed to enrich their training program thanks to gamification.

The need

Since its inception in 1872, Shiseido has demonstrated its constant focus on providing the best service at its points of sale. However, because it has an extensive network of employees from different backgrounds and in a variety of geographic locations, the company sought out more innovative and digital tools to allow point-of-sale professionals to train anytime, anywhere.

The solution

isEazy Game offered them the most groundbreaking technology to train this group. They used our gamified social app to centralize all of Shiseido’s corporate knowledge and condense it into small interactive pills that are fully available, anytime, anywhere.

The results

It is precisely this tandem between gamification and training that has led Shiseido to obtain over 90% of knowledge retention, and increase the participation of employees in their training.Because of this success, Shiseido has entrusted isEazy Game once again with the task of training people in their new line of makeup products, and plans to replicate the project in other European countries.

Explained by

Consuelo Mohedano

Training and Education Director

Antonio Rosique

SMI & Senior National Trainer

Antonio Serrano

Make-up artist and Trainer

Remember! Although in this content you will find us under the name of Bizfit, we are nowisEazy Game. We have a new look, but we are still the only app capable of driving engagement in all your training projects.

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