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your employees and prepare them for success

Boost your team’s skills with the most comprehensive course catalog. Agile, interactive and accessible soft skills training that will captivate your entire team. 

Train your team with the most in-demand soft skills courses

Request a free demo and explore 8 key training areas to develop your team’s skills, no commitment required 

The leading solution for skills development

Improve the results of your training through innovative resources designed using the latest tools and techniques in online learning. 

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  • One flat rate
    More than 540 soft skills training courses, available in 6 languages and with new content every month.
  • Agile and practical courses
    Adapted to trends in content consumption and new generations of employees.
  • Accessible content
    For a more inclusive training experience the entire workforce can benefit from.

Give your team the knowledge they need to grow

Our soft skills courses are suited to all positions and professions, and created with a 100% practical methodology to give your employees the tools they need to face real-world situations.  

The most engaging and effective courses

Invest in the professional development of your employees with high-quality learning experiences and resources that guarantee engagement.  

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A comprehensive solution for all your training projects

Boosting your team's talent has never been easier

Fair, flat rate

Unlimited access to all soft skills courses, for a fixed price.

Agile and simple implementation

Your own corporate training environment in just a couple of clicks.

Multi-device and multi-language

Streaming-style courses, available on any device. Just like your favorite series.

Additional services

Gamification, communication and tutoring to promote learning and self-development.

Integration with your LMS

Soft skills courses in SCORM standard compatible with any LMS.

Award-winning e-learning training

Your questions answered

Hard skills are those abilities employees need to perform a particular role. In contrast, soft skills are the more human skills like communication and empathy that apply to all activities and sectors. They have many benefits for both the individual and the organization they belong to. You can find out more about them in this blog post.  

isEazy Skills offers you a wide range of soft and digital skills courses. We have 8 training areas: Well-Being and Happiness, Communication and Interpersonal Relationships, Digital mindset, Digital efficiency and Productivity, Leadership and HighPerformance Teams, Sustainability, Diversity and the 2030 Agenda, Commercial and Customer experience, and Change, Creativity and Innovation. Check out the complete catalog here.

We use a learningbydoing methodology to foster the development of soft and digital skills. These immersive experiences are based on practical examples to prepare employes for real-life situations.  

At isEazy Skills we have more than 28 types of pedagogical resources available in each of the courses from interactives to games and multimedia elements. These are designed to guide professionals throughout the course and help them to retain the information they learn. 

All types of industries and sectors benefit from skills development.isEazy Skills’ soft skills courses respond to the needs of any profile, size and sector. Our 100% practical methodology also allows students to acquire habits and behaviors focused on the tasks they face in their day to day, so our training will always respond to their specific needs. 

Close the skills gap

The best soft skills courses, at your team’s fingertips. 

Soft and digital skills provided at a flat rate
Boost your team’s talent with the most complete course catalog.
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