All the power of a complete training management software

With the powerful features of our LMS, you can spend less time managing your training project and more time getting results. 


Manage your team’s complete training cycle

From detecting the needs of your team to evaluating progress, with isEazy LMS, you will have everything you need to boost your training project.

  • Identify 

    Training needs involving all roles. 

  • Plan

    Training by group, company, or knowledge areas. 

  • Execute  

    The plan automatically with the dynamization engine and the group assistant. 

  • Evaluate  

    The training with the different plugins and measure its impact per person or group. 


Simplify processes and optimize your training

We provide you with a large number of functionalities and automations, which will drastically reduce the management time of your training team. 

  • Automatic meetings and notifications for users. 

  • Reuse, clone, duplicate, and schedule training activities. 

  • Manage all FUNDAE documentation automatically and in a single place. 

  • Issuance of certificates, evaluations, and diplomas fully automated. 


Analyze every piece of data in your platform

You will be able to understand in a much more agile and visual way the learning progress of your team. Evaluate and optimize each project phase and measure its impact by person, department, geographic area, or company.  

Work smarter and multiply your productivity

Easily manage from a simple course to a complex Corporate University. Activities, courses, itineraries, schools… configured for each profile and in any training modality: online, blended, or face-to-face. 

Face-to-face and online training management

For all types of organizational structures: multi-environment and multi-role.

Transfer of training to the job

Creation and management of exams

Tests and surveys to measure user satisfaction

Video and social video

Are you prepared to discover isEazy LMS?