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Medical transport, insurance and funeral services






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Since its founding in 1928, Grupo ASV has become the leading company in medical transport, insurance and funeral services. Despite being a large corporate group, its philosophy of proximity and its service orientation have earned it the trust of nearly 700,000 customers all across Spain.

To meet the training needs of a large multidisciplinary team that was spread across the different companies comprising the Group, ASV sought a comprehensive solutionthat would also enable it to meet an even more ambitious goal: transforming all its training processes into a 100% online model. Its long-term goal? To keep its professionals always up to date and to become more agile when updating its training programs and materials.

José Andrés Sánchez Bueno, Corporate Director for People and Culture at Grupo ASV, and Elena Cantó Pastor, Cultural Transformation and Employee Experience Manager, share their experience with isEazywith us and how thanks to its e-learning tools, they’ve been able to:

  • Effectively manage the entire online training process of their employees.

  • Create quality learning for the entire workforce.

  • Create their own e-learning content agilely and intuitively.

  • Bring training closer to their employees, making it more attractive and always available.

Explained by

José Andrés Sánchez Bueno

Corporate Director for People and Culture

Elena Cantó Pastor, responsable de transformación cultural y experiencia de empleado en el Grupo ASV

Elena Cantó Pastor

Cultural Transformation and Employee Experience Manager

“Our experience with isEazy was simply amazing! Using the right tools, together with new learning formulas, completely revolutionized the way training was done at our organization” José Andrés Sánchez Bueno, Corporate Director for People and Culture.

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