How EMASESA started producing customized, attractive e-learning content in record time

For over 40 years, EMASESA, a proudly public company, has been sustainably managing Seville’s water supply, covering 11 municipalities over a vast metropolitan area. Consistently responding both to the needs of society and the various City Councils that make up the company, it has balanced these responsibilities with respect for the environment, achieving a highly efficient model of public water management, recognized nationally and internationally. 

With a multidisciplinary team of more than 800 highly qualified professionals, EMASESA puts people at the center of its strategy, promoting key ideals such as employee growth, work-life balance and equal opportunities. 

Against this backdrop, the company puts its Water Training Center to good use – training staff and other professionals in the sector in all the knowledge and skills they need to carry out their work to the highest standards. A key part of the Center’s strategy involves offering specialized courses through its virtual classroom. 

Raúl Herrero, head of training and chair at EMASESA, tells us  about his experience with isEazy, and explains how its authoring tool, isEazy Author, allow them to create all the training content his staff needs to stay up-to-date, whatever their role with the company. 

Raúl Herrero
Head of training and chair at EMASESA




Water system management




815 employees


isEazy Author

Continuous training for a diverse array of professional profiles

For optimal water management, two key ingredients are needed from employees – innovation and the constant acquisition of new knowledge. This makes training a crucial strategic element, as it develops and improves professionals’ skills on an ongoing basis.

However, issues can arise when it comes to training employees with different profiles and work styles, from those working in administrative positions in the office, to construction managers and technicians in purification plants.

To address the diverse training needs of all its workers, EMASESA needed to create e-learning courses that could be updated or modified quickly and easily, and that tackled highly specialized content in an attractive way.

“We want our training plan to reflect the training needs of both our teams and our company, paying special attention to the environment in which we work, and responding to the unique challenges we face.”

Raúl Herrero, Head of training and chair at EMASESA

isEazy Author: Authentic learning experiences in just a few minutes

isEazy Author allows EMASESA to meet the specific training needs of its staff. Thanks to this authoring tool, the company can now easily create high-quality e-learning courses, and feature them in its virtual classroom.

Amazingly, all of this is done without requiring advanced technical knowledge in design and programming from content editors. Here are just a few of the tool’s standout features:

The customization options offered by isEazy Author allow you to adapt any content to your unique corporate identity in seconds. In addition, intuitive features such as templates and pre-built interactives give your courses a unique touch, while preventing an unnecessary increase in production times.

With isEazy Author you can choose from a wide variety of preconfigured games designed to energize even the most complex content, and improve knowledge retention. Through these features, the authoring tool not only speeds up the creation of EMASESA’s e-learning courses, but also adds lasting value to its training programs.

We’ve gained time when updating guides and content, but with isEazy Author we’ve also made them more attractive and easy to use for all parties involved.
Raúl Herrero, Head of training and chair at EMASESA

Beyond creating quality e-learning courses, EMASESA had one other essential need: it had to be able to easily integrate those courses into its learning platform. isEazy Author lets them publish their content in SCORM format, and integrate them into their LMS in a matter of minutes.

Another great advantage for the team at EMASESA is the tool’s ability to include external resources, gathered from platforms such as Vimeo or YouTube. This allows the company to reuse content of interest that already existed in its archives.

Top quality e-learning courses in record time

In Raúl’s own words, “EMASESA’s experience with isEazy Author is proving highly positive and enriching, since it reduces time and costs in the content development process, while improving the quality of our learning programs.”

Furthermore, the new e-learning content is getting a great reception from staff, with noticeable results in completion rates and knowledge retention.

His goal now is to continue increasing the number of e-learning courses available in his Virtual Classroom, training both company staff and external professionals in the water sector who want to be at the forefront of their field.

“For us it‘s key to have a training tool that is genuinely useful for the different professionals who work with us. We want everyone to feel involved in our learning programs, and to feel motivated to do better every day and continue growing.”

Raúl Herrero, Head of training and chair at EMASESA

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