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The most complete catalog of courses for corporate training

The best training for upskilling your professionals. 

Courses based on internationally recognized standards and references: 


Continuous training, without limits

More than 540 courses and soft skills programs adapted to the needs of your team. 

Well-being and Happiness

  • Zen mind: Mind hacking for inner peace and mastering stress

  • How to boost your self-esteem

  • Control your rage and tame your inner Hulk

  • Overcoming sadness: Managing your emotions to regain a sense of joy

  • Say goodbye to insomnia with effective sleep routines

  • Overcome technostress

  • How to prevent burnout

  • Self-confidence as a lever for achieving your goals

  • How to develop your emotional intelligence

  • Practice Mindfulness

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Change, creativity and innovation

  • Open innovation: The creativity and collaborative innovation revolution

  • Visual Thinking: Graphic Minds, Fantastic Ideas

  • Disruptive minds: How to brainstorm game-changing ideas

  • 6 Thinking Hats as a creativity technique

  • Mind Mapping: The ultimate tool to tap into your creativity and productivity

  • Overcome your unconscious bias

  • Boost your resilience when faced with changes or problems

  • Learning agility to boost your self-development

  • Boost your creativity

  • Achieve excellence through continuous improvement

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Commercial and Customer Experience

  • Calls that sell: turn your calls into customers and revenue

  • How to give bad news without losing customers

  • Elevator pitch: The ultimate technique for capturing attention

  • Negotiate successfully with NLP

  • Silver experience: Customer service excellence with the older generation

  • Social selling to increase your sales exponentially

  • Close more sales with virtual sales meetings

  • Increase your sales through storytelling

  • Sales webinars: your secret to selling more

  • Improve the customer experience

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Communication and interpersonal relations

  • The art of asking powerful questions to understand and persuade

  • The art of saying no without apologising to protect your time

  • Shhhh, silence: Communicate effectively without words

  • Nonviolent Communication: The power of empathy

  • Verbal Aikido: the secret to dealing with aggressive people

  • Give constructive criticism and transform your feedback

  • The power of non-verbal communication: Communicate effectively without using words

  • Enhance your persuasive communication skills

  • Deliver unique, high-impact presentations

  • Master your ability to influence others with your communication

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Digital mindset

  • SEM Positioning: Boost your company’s visibility on the internet

  • Introduction to Business Intelligence: from data to action

  • Phishing: Hunt the hacker and protect your devices

  • Metaverse: The present and future of the digital world

  • How to make AI work for you: Write prompts that generate results

  • How to avoid the risks of working in front of a screen

  • Blockchain

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Digital efficiency and productivity

  • Autofocus: Your secret weapon against procrastination and stress at work

  • The power of GTD: The foolproof method for improving your productivity

  • How to set objectives according to the OKR methodology

  • Say goodbye to unproductive meetings

  • Get focused and learn to say goodbye to distractions

  • Personal productivity in open and collaborative spaces

  • How to get used to hybrid working

  • Personal organisation in digital environments

  • Make intelligent and sound decisions

  • Effective problem-solving

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Leadership and high performance teams

  • Blue Ocean Strategy for navigating your way to success

  • Chameleon leader: Adapt your leadership style to your team

  • The 6 steps to motivational conversations with your team

  • Emotional Intelligence for TOP Leadership

  • Lead successfully in VUCA environments

  • Cultural Awareness: How to develop your cultural awareness and sensitivity

  • Critical thinking: think harder and you’ll get it right

  • How to supervise remote teams

  • Involving and delegating: the key tools of a leader

  • Conflict management for managers

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Sustainability, diversity and Agenda 2030

  • How to create an equality plan for your company

  • How to prevent sexual and gender-based harassment in your team

  • How to create an effective compliance programme

  • Good practices for managing CO2 in your company

  • LGBTQI+: Diversity with PrideLGBTQI+: Diversity with Pride

  • How to avoid and deal with conflicts of interest in your company

  • Preventing money laundering

  • How to apply ESG criteria at your company

  • #ForTheEnvironment: Zero Carbon Emissions

  • Introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals

  • General risks in offices

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The e-learning content library tailored to modern professionals

Our complete catalog promotes the continuous training of your entire workforce. Choose from two course formats specifically designed to improve the skills of new generations of employees. 


50-70 minutes courses

With 70% of videos tutored by experts and 30% using high-impact interactive resources to guarantee engagement and boost completion rates. 

15–20 minute courses

Shorter, more specific and 100% accessible courses designed to train your professionals on new guidelines, techniques and processes in an agile way.  


Award-winning e-learning training

Your questions answered

Our e-learning content library has more than 540 titles, most of them available in podcast format. Courses are also available in 6 languages: Spanish, English, German, French, Portuguese and Latin American Spanish; and we have more than 60 training programs predefined by our experts so you can address the most relevant topics. If all this is not enough, every month we include new titles!  

In our catalog, you can find two types of courses specially designed to promote continuous training and adapt to the needs of your professionals. Traditional courses are based on microlearning and last between 50 and 70 minutes while our newer formats, Essential Facts, allow professionals to learn about techniques and guidelines related to their day to day in less than 20 minutes.  

At isEazy Skills we have different types of plans depending on the number of users who need to access the platform. You can find all the information you need about each of them and about our billing options, here. 

You can change your plan or cancel your contract by sending us an email to Remember that you can also try isEazy Skills without obligation for 15 days but, once the trial period is over, you will have to buy any of our plans to continue accessing our content library. 

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