Gamification software: Level up your training and engagement

Transform your training content into an addictive game with isEazy Game! Create simple but effective dynamics and multiply your training results x10.

The key benefits of gamification software

The best gamification software gives you the chance to create effective, dynamic and quantifiable training, offering the following advantages:


Thanks to the wide array of resources, games, challenges and rewards available, your collaborators will feel more motivated, increasing their participation and results.


Unlike traditional training, gamification dynamics ensure that up to 90% of professionals will complete their training.


Gamification improves understanding and knowledge retention, boosting the overall success of your training project.

How our gamification software works

Watch your professionals acquire new knowledge while having fun with our diverse range of dynamics and features:

Quizzes and games

Choose from a wide selection of games based on your specific needs and pedagogical objectives. You can even create your own quiz questions!

Tests and challenges

Enhance learning through exciting peer challenges. With our gamification software, you’ll see training results improve from the very first moment.

Rewards and prizes

Motivate your employees, celebrate their achievements and increase their sense of belonging through our points system. As they advance in understanding, your collaborators will climb to a higher position in the league tables!

Social and collaborative environment

With the social features of isEazy Game, you’ll engage your team from the first moment, and promote smoother collaboration between colleagues.

Kpi's and metrics

How much do your employees really know? With isEazy Game you can analyze their activity, evaluate their knowledge and follow their progress easily and instantly.

Implement gamification in your company

Improve training, give a boost to your sales team, strengthen corporate culture… The sky’s the limit! Unleash your creativity and use our gamification software to meet your unique objectives.

Frequently asked questions

Gamification actively involves employees in training through game elements such as challenges, levels and rewards. When you use gamification software, your professionals will feel more motivated, increasing commitment levels as well as the results of your training projects.

From enhancing training programs to boosting team performance, or simply strengthening your corporate culture, gamification provides the flexibility you need to adapt it to your organization’s specific objectives.

IsEazy Game is fully customizable and adapts 100% to your brand image and needs. As for gamified experiences, all you need to do is select the question format that matches your training objectives, and then fill in the content – choose from audio, video, images, and much much more!

The best gamification software, like isEazy Game, allows you to measure the impact of gamification through an intuitive dashboard. See all the metrics you need, including: access data, most viewed content, completed content, individual quiz results, and more!

If you want to implement isEazy Game, all you need to do is contact us, and a member of our friendly team will be in touch to advise you based on your specific needs and objectives.

So, what are you waiting for?

Implement our gamification software today and multiply your training results x10.

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