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Innovate with the easiest authoring tool on the market.

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Course creation made easy

Course creation made easy

Enjoy an authoring tool specially designed to create accessible, attractive and dynamic e-learning courses in an agile and autonomous way – even without previous experience!


Create e-learning courses 3 times faster

Turn your ideas into reality in record time thanks to our intuitive interface, powerful functionality and ready resources. Select, customise et voila!


Design authentic learning experiences

Increase your course appeal with the most captivating interactive elements: multimedia, exercises and games that are easy to configure and deploy.

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Training available to everyone

Our online authoring tool comes with diverse distribution options to meet your needs – from downloadable SCORM packages to a learner tracking platform.   


Create accessible e-learning courses

With isEazy Author, you can create accessible e-learning courses that meet 100% of the AA criteria and 80% of AAA criteria included in the Web Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). All of this, effortlessly and without having to compromise on interactivity.


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Award-winning authoring software

What sets isEazy Author apart from other e-learning authoring tools?


All in the cloud and requiring no tech savvy or previous training on the tool.


Collaboration with colleagues in real time, auto-save and restore points - all powered by future-proof technology.

Remarkable results

Multiple content sources and interactive elements for 100% engaging and effective learning experiences.

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Your e-learning courses like you've never seen them before

You can create courses, guides, presentations… or any other type of content format with more attractive and impressive designs. The only limit is your imagination!

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isEazy Author is a complete tool for creating, editing and sharing e-learning courses in an agile and autonomous way. Thanks to its ready-to-use resources, predefined templates and intuitive interface, it helps any professional, even without technical, programming or design knowledge, to develop interactive and engaging learning experiences, in just a few minutes.

One of the main advantages of isEazy Author is its usability. It does not require previous technical knowledge and its learning curve is very low, which makes it the simplest and most agile authoring tool on the market. It also reduces the costs of content production, improving efficiency and team productivity.

With our authoring tool you can create all kinds of content, from e-learning courses, to guides or commercial presentations. You can even create accessible content, which complies with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1. level AA) and Section 508 of the U.S. Workforce Rehabilitation Act.

With isEazy Author, you have access to more than 25 types of multimedia and interactive resources, from audios and videos to exercises and games, all of which are preconfigured and easy to use. Include them in your training content and watch engagement rates soar.

Once the content is ready, you just have to select how you want to share it. isEazy Author offers you 4 distribution options so you can choose the one that best suits your needs: you can publish your courses in SCORM1.2, SCORM 2004 and Tincan/xApi and upload them to your LMS; share them on your intranet or by direct link; or even enjoy your own learning environment, without leaving isEazy Author.

isEazy Author has many powerful features, including those designed to speed up content creation: collaborative editing, automatic saving and restoration points. It also offers many possibilities for customizing content, with a wide variety of style templates, typographies, and Smart Colors which allows you to change the entire color scheme of your content in seconds.

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3 options – choose the one most suitable for your needs.


63€ /MONTH
  • 1 author
  • Up to 5Gb of storage


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  • 2 authors
  • Up to 12Gb of storage
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Be inspired by our record of successful projects

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<img src="/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/logo-testimonials-vodafone.svg" width="177" height="60"></br>Carmen María López Fernández de Córdoba

Carmen María López Fernández de Córdoba
Learning Content Factory Team Leader at Vodafone
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isEazy Author has allowed us to focus on the content of our courses. Thanks to its exercises, games, and wide variety of predesigned resources, we can create better visual and interactive courses, with little effort.

<img src="" width="177" height="60"></br>Gemma Villalbí Roda

Gemma Villalbí Roda
Training Manager at Cuatrecasas
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We needed a usable, agile and flexible tool that would allow us to generate our own e-learning content in the shortest possible time. isEazy Author has allowed us to design attractive and interactive courses, without our team having to invest hours and hours of training in the tool.

<img src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/prosegur.png" width="177" height="60"></br>Miguel Herrainz Posada

Miguel Herrainz Posada
Global e-learning Coordinator at Prosegur
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Compared to other authoring tools, isEazy Author lowers the learning curve, making it easier to create courses from the very start.

<img src="/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/logo-testimonials-fischer.png" width="177" height="60"></br>Bianca Brösamle

Bianca Brösamle
Human Resources Development Specialist at fischer.
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Thanks to isEazy, we can rely on a tool that allows us to easily create and update our own content, enabling us to develop lifelong training which is sustainable in the long term.

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Design and share your own training content.


Bespoke content creation in record time.


Learning and management centred on the user experience.


A complete catalogue for upskilling your team.


Gamification app for boosting the success of your training.


Sustainable app with a wide range of courses online.