Large-scale e-learning: More engagement in less production time with isEazy Author

World Kinect Corporation is a leading global company in the energy industry. With 5,000 employees worldwide, the company provides solutions in more than 200 countries and territories, offering everything from essential fuels to smart solutions and sustainable energy consulting. Its diverse product and service offerings, as well as its commitment to sustainability, have pushed them to number 70 of the Fortune 500 list.

To maintain this leadership position within an ever-evolving sector, they needed a training solution that would allow them to train and keep their worldwide workforce updated in an agile and efficient way. Sagrario Lacayo, Organization Development Manager at World Kinect, tells us how they were able to do it thanks to isEazy Author.

Sagrario Lacayo
Organizational Development Manager


Energy industry


200+ territories


Miami, USA


isEazy Author


5000+ employees

Create engaging courses for their global workforce in an agile way

As part of the energy industry, where the key to progress is innovation and sustainability, World Kinect faced the challenge by providing effective and engaging training to its large workforce.

To keep up with technological and regulatory developments, the company needed a solution that would enable them to create and distribute agile and customized courses for each of their teams, ranging from technical to administrative and commercial profiles.

Moreover, World Kinect was seeking to standarize the format of all its course content to guarantee coherence and consistency throughout the learning experience for the whole organization.

“Our audiences range from hundreds of learners for department-specific initiatives, to trainings for nearly 5,000 learners globally”.


Sagrario Lacayo, Organizational Development Manager at World Kinect.

isEazy Author: accessible, gamified, and customized e-learning content

While searching for an integral solution, World Kinect found isEazy Author, the ideal tool: “isEazy Author caught our attention because of its fast-learning curve, its interactive


to boost engagement and the ability to provide rapid deployment for our training offerings”. Some of the features that they highlight are:

Thanks to isEazy Author’s agile and intuitive interface and the predesigned templates, World Kinect can create autonomously and intuitively courses. They can even convert old PowerPoint training content into interactive courses automatically thanks to AI.


With more than 25 types of available resources, isEazy Author allows them to build interactive courses that captivate their entire workforce and elevate engagement. Moreover, thanks to its new AI features, they can easily add exercises, games, voice-overs, and even final tests, making its content even more interactive and effective.

“We really enjoyed the gamified options; they are very easy to use, and they also integrate perfectly within the student’s experience”.

Sagrario Lacayo, Organizational Development Manager en World Kinect.

Thanks to isEazy Author, they can design effective trainings about the use of the CRM, as well as topics such as health and security, amongst others. They can also quickly conceive courses for their sales teams or keep their employees informed on industry updates. Plus having a localized template does not suppose a problem for World Kinect, with just a few clicks they can automatically translate an entire project into any language or generate subtitles for videos and audios.


Another feature most valued by the energy company is the ability to produce content and share it quickly. Through the various distribution options that isEazy offers, such as the direct link option, World Kinect can fast-track access to training.


The possibility of automatically converting courses into accessible mode is another of the advantages highlighted by World Kinect. Specifically, isEazy Author guarantees the creation of accessible content that meets 100% of the criteria of level AA and 80% of level AAA of the WCAG guidelines, in addition to Section 508 of the U.S. Workforce Rehabilitation Act.


“We have seen a decrease in the time needed to create and implement our trainings, as well as increased learner engagement as measured by qualitative feedback”.

Sagrario Lacayo, Organizational Development Manager at World Kinect.

On-demand training: dynamic and personalized experiences for +5000 employees

The implementation of isEazy Author has been a total success in all aspects. As per Sagrario Lacayo “the ease of use of the tool has let us provide consistency for the whole organization and mitigate non-standardized training formats”.

Furthermore, all their interactions with the support team have been always positive, with short response times and useful solutions.

But without a doubt, the most significant aspect is that this authoring tool has enabled them to reduce course creation time, increasing the participation and engagement of all their personnel.

Looking ahead, World Kinect plans to continue leveraging isEazy Author, especially its gamification and accessibility features to further train and develop their employees.

“We have had a very good experience with isEazy. Both students and stakeholders have enjoyed the learning experience, as well as designing with the tool”.

Sagrario Lacayo, Organizational Development Manager at World Kinect.

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