An agile and simple tool to develop a global training project at Prosegur


Private Security




26 countries


+160,000 employees

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Since its beginnings in 1979, and thanks to its highly innovative DNA, not only has Prosegurbecome the leader in private security in Spain, but they have also managed to position themselves as a global leader in the sector, operating in 26 countries with a workforce of more than 160,000 employees.

To address the training needs of such a large and decentralized team, Prosegur needed a single solution that would allow them to carry out global projectsquickly and efficiently, and enable collaboration between different team members, no matter where they are located around the world.

Thanks to isEazy Author, Prosegur has found a tool in which speed is one of its main strengths, regardless of the level of experience in producing e-learning content. This also allows them to:

  • Create courses with interactives that make the content much more dynamic.
  • Collaborate with other teams, reducing production times to a minimum.
  • Distribute their courses with a direct link and validate their projects quickly.

Miguel Herraiz Posada, Global E-learning Coordinator at Prosegur, shares his experience with isEazy Author and the results achieved.

Explained by

Miguel Herraiz Posada

Global E-learning Coordinator

Remember! Although you’ll find it under the name isEazy, our authoring tool is now called isEazy Author. We have a new look, but we are still the number 1 software for creating e-learning courses.

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