Achieve your sustainable development goals

Achieve your company´s sustainable development goals (SDGs) with the only platform capable of getting your entire workforce involved.

A complete solution to promote your sustainable culture

Assessment, training, gamification, challenges, communication, analytics and more! One app with everything you need to champion sustainability and diversity.

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Measure your employees’ knowledge and engagement

Find out how motivated your employees are and identify areas for improvement.

  • Discover what your workforce knows about the SDGs.
  • Analyze how each employee and the organization are striving to meet your goals.
  • Take action to achieve your sustainability objectives.


Make real changes to your company culture

Meet your goals with the help of innovative e-learning technology. Create and manage specific groups and work towards any SDG, with over 65 employee training courses in our catalog, based on the most prestigious international standards and certifications.

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Get everyone involved in your SDG journey

Maximize knowledge and motivation with fun, effective and engaging training dynamics. Generate data in real time and optimize your project on the go.

  • Specific games for each SDG.
  • Challenges to compete among team members.
  • Results and participation rankings.


Drive your entire workforce to take action

Assign impact quotas by role, department, and area, with more than 55 missions and challenges.

Help save water, reduce CO2 emissions, limit waste and beyond! Strive for impressive results and include them in your sustainable planning to improve non-financial reporting.


Connect with your entire team quickly and efficiently

  • Keep all your files in one place

    Store and organize all the necessary documentation in one place thanks to a powerful search engine.

  • Encourage collaboration

    Create collaborative environments and boost communication with forums, blogs and chats. 

  • Make change go viral

    isEazy’s ESG social network feature allows every participant to share their experiences, pictures and results with the rest of the team. 


Review the impact of your sustainable actions

Access real-time live tracking of your employees’ knowledge and motivation as they take part in your training program. Analyze data quickly and add it to your sustainability reports.

  • Measure the most requested topics, average time to complete, courses passed.
  • Review employee engagement through completed challenges, forum comments, and posts.
  • Find out which topics need reinforcement and improve your content.

There´s more...

Everything you need to make your SDG training successful.

Communication and advisory services

Tracking tools

Webinars for practicing new skills

Fundae Bonus Management

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It is also possible to add our extensive catalog to your company´s training platform.

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