The onboarding app built for today’s workforce

With isEazy Engage, enhance the onboarding process, encourage communication and increase engagement from their first day.

Simplify your onboarding processes with an employee app

Improve the employee experience at every stage of the onboarding process and turn new starters into valued members of your team.

Offer candidates all the documentation they need, evaluate their knowledge and train them before they join. 

Introduce new employees to the company, their department and the team they belong to, all in mobile format.  

Automate onboarding processes and increase the autonomy of your new employees from day one. 

Give them all the information and skills needed to perform their daily tasks in the palm of their hands. 

Encourage interaction and collaboration with other team members through a social and gamified environment that makes them feel part of the team. 

Measure performance, download usage reports, and evaluate the impact of training. 

Advantages of an onboarding app

Reach your new professionals wherever they are with an app designed just for them.

Shorten the learning curve

Training in skills, processes, products, values… facilitates learning through personalized micro-learning impacts within their own workflow.

Create training itineraries designed to help employees learn in an agile and effective way.

Provide all the information they need in just one click

Avoid any confusion in the first few days with documentation at their fingertips.

Articles of interest, videos, guides and more. All the resources your new employees need, always up to date and available on their smartphones, thanks to the onboarding app.

Accompany new employees from day one

Keep your new workforce aligned and connected through an agile communication channel, and give them the resources to carry out their daily work efficiently.


Speed up tasks and multiply productivity

Give your team control over their tasks, from delivering documents to scheduling meetings.

Then track their progress to enhance productivity.

Keep your goals in mind

With an onboarding app, you can keep track of your project and boost learning with gamification, reinforcement algorithms, and assessments made to enhance productivity and professional development.

Improve the experience of your new employees

Retain the best talent in your organization

33% of employees look for a new job within their first 6 months.

Increases job satisfaction by 100%

Only 12% of workers are happy with their onboarding process.

Reduces onboarding time x5

It takes up to 8 months for a newly hired employee to reach peak productivity.

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An onboarding app streamlines the integration process, reducing the learning curve through personalized training in skills, processes, and values. Moreover, it enables new employees to easily access updated information and resources, such as articles, videos, and guides, significantly enhancing their integration and satisfaction from day one.

Top-notch onboarding apps, like isEazy Engage, allow you to tailor training itineraries according to your company’s specific needs. This way, you can customize training, content, and integration processes to achieve a unique and efficient onboarding experience.

isEazy Engage fosters social integration by creating an environment conducive to interaction and collaboration. New employees feel like part of the team right from the start.

For the best onboarding apps, security is a top priority. isEazy Engage ensures the protection of sensitive data through security measures that guarantee the confidentiality and privacy of employee information.

isEazy Engage offers assessment and performance analysis features that allow you to measure the success of onboarding. You can obtain detailed usage reports, evaluate performance, and ensure a successful transition for your new employees.

If you’d like to request a demo of isEazy Engage or need assistance in finding the ideal solution to boost training and communication in your organization, feel free to get in touch with us.

Train and engage new employees in one place

Take engagement, productivity and employee retention to the next level with an onboarding app.

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Design and share your own training content.


Bespoke content creation in record time.


Learning and management centred on the user experience.


A complete catalogue for upskilling your team.


Gamification app for boosting the success of your training.


Sustainable app with a wide range of courses online.