Train and engage your frontline workers

Adapt to the frontline workers pace with an app specially developed for them, discover the powerful features of isEazy Engage!


Bring training closer to the day-to-day life of your frontline workers

Increase knowledge retention and engagement thanks to effective training cards with all kinds of microcontent that your frontliners will enjoy effortlessly.

Audios, videos, infographics, quizzes… the most addictive content on their own smartphone.


A learning experience they´ll enjoy to the fullest

Turn your team’s learning into a game that will multiply the results of your training while they’re having fun!

Challenges, levels, rankings… that will increase participation and reinforce learning.


All knowledge available in their flow of work

All documents are organized and available with the agility your frontliners need, even offline!

Hierarchize contents by knowledge areas, folders, or tags. Set up roles and permissions and allow filtering through bookmarks.


Their own virtual assistant in the palm of their hands

Improve your frontliners productivity with a virtual assistant with Artificial Intelligence that will walk them through their daily tasks.

They will be able to locate all the information they need in seconds and access recommendations, recent and related searches, or the best-rated content… making the use of the app a unique experience.

Are you ready to discover isEazy Engage?


Connect with your frontliners, wherever they are

Keep your employees aligned and engaged with your company, through a simple and informal communication channel.

News feed, push notifications, surveys, individual or team chat… reach everyone quickly and efficiently!


Turn your frontliners into your company's protagonists

Create your own corporate feed where they can like, comment, or share content directly from their smartphones.

Turn your expert frontliners into valuable content creators. They´ll be able to easily produce their own content and add images, videos, and all kinds of external resources.


Simplify task management within their workflow

isEazy Engage streamlines and optimizes task management processes for faster execution and better results. In addition, its real-time reporting allows you to quickly identify the problems that each frontliner may have when executing their tasks.

All in a flexible and agile platform

Manage, set-up and customize your app easily from a comprehensive edit panel.

  • Authoring tool

    Create content effortlessly with our integrated authoring tool.

  • Simple management

    Design training itineraries, add and segment users, block activities, create calls… easily.

  • Advanced analytics

    Access data, most viewed and completed content, interactions… Understand in an agile and visual way how your project is going and make decisions in real-time.

  • Reporting system

    Flexible and programmable, so that you are always up to date with everything that happens in your app.

And much more!

Available in over 27 languages

Help portal and direct communication with support.

Continuous software updates and enhancements.

SSO and synchronization with all your platforms.

With the highest security standards: GDPR, OWASP, PENTESTING...

What are you waiting for?

Engage your frontline workers with the tool that will help them better perform their daily tasks.

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Increase the engagement and productivity of your
frontliners with isEazy Engage. Try it free for 15 days.


Design and share your own training content.


Bespoke content creation in record time.


Learning and management centred on the user experience.


A complete catalogue for upskilling your team.


The training app for frontline workers.


Gamification app for boosting the success of your training.


Sustainable app with a wide range of courses online.