Much more than an LMS

Surprise your students with an incredible learning experience. And all this, without giving up the functionalities of a powerful training platform.


Inspire your team with engaging and effective training

Enjoy a new way of displaying your training, communication and corporate knowledge.

  • Blocks and cards

    That help to structure and access information more easily.

  • Content recommender

    Organize your content according to the needs and interests of your users.

  • Aggregators, favorites and wishlist

    To increase the engagement of the training content.

  • Cross search

    That will give them access to everything they need, with just one click.


A space designed to enjoy

We are inspired by the most popular streaming platforms, to create a unique and personalized experience for each user.


A participatory and collaborative training that will hook them

Creates attractive and dynamic content that encourages their participation.

Forums, blogs, virtual classrooms ... establish collaborative spaces and enhance communication.

Allows them to vote, share and comment on the content, so that they feel part of the project.


Simplify processes and optimize your training

From the detection of needs, to the evaluation and transfer of training to the job… with isEazy LMS you will have everything you need to promote your training project.

  • Automation

    Register users, launch calls, schedule reports … Drastically reduce management times.

  • Enhancements

    … And automatic and personalized notifications for each user.

  • Certificates and diplomas

    That you can issue automatically, when one of your collaborators successfully completes a training.

  • Fundae

    Todo tu proceso de bonificación por fin de forma automática y sin complicaciones.


Analyze every last piece of data on your platform

You will be able to understand, in a much more agile and visual way, the learning progress of your team. Evaluate and optimize each of the project phases, and measure its impact by person, department, geographic area, or the entire company.

Don’t limit the potential of your trainings

isEazy LMS offers the training manager a wide variety of activities, to create comprehensive training courses and programs.

Management of face-to-face and online training

SCORM 1.2 and 2004 compliant

Complete experience, on any device

Exam creation and management

Test and surveys to measure user satisfaction

Video and social video

Try isEazy LMS and boost e-learning in your company