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Founded in Brazil over 90 years ago, the Academy of Fine Arts of São Paulo is a cutting-edge university center dedicated to the production and dissemination of knowledge across the arts, culture, and the human, social and technological sciences. As one of the first university centers to offer e-learning to its students, the institution has always had a strong focus on updating and consistently improving its training programs.

In its quest to enhance the learning experience of more than 1,800 students, and enrich its higher education programs, the institution needed a versatile e-learning tool that would give its instructional designers unparalleled autonomy and agility in content creation. And, crucially, all of this without compromising on the final user experience.

Márcia Batistela, Coordinator of Instructional Design, Art, Audiovisual and Multimedia, and João Tenório, Multimedia Instructional Designer, tell us how – thanks to isEazy Author – they have been able to:

  • Intuitively create more than 135 high-level pedagogical courses.
  • Reduce course production time by 40%.
  • Improve engagement through the inclusion of games and interactives.
  • Enhance student knowledge retention.
  • Optimize the distribution of their courses.

Explained by

Márcia Batistela

Coordinator of Instructional Design, Art, Audiovisual and Multimedia

João Tenório

Multimedia Instructional Designer

“Our team of designers has adapted well to the tool. Plus, it’s so intuitive that they can now create more interactive and personalized courses with less effort.” João Tenório, Multimedia Instructional Designer at the University Center of Belas Artes of São Paulo.

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