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How ESCP increased production, engagement, and course completion with isEazy Author









More about the case study

ESCP Business School is the world’s first business school with campuses in six major European capitals. Faced with optimizing the production of e-learning content for their training programs,they were looking for an agile and versatile solution that would enable them to create content effectively and enhance the learning experience for students.

With isEazy Author, they have been able to create high-quality, pedagogical content autonomously, significantly increasing efficiency and productivity.

Not only does ESCP use the tool for creating online courses, but they also harness its potential for presentations, communications, and business proposals. Although, for now, isEazy Author has only been implemented in the Executive Education & Business Solutions department, other teams have also shown interest in the tool.

Olga Alonso Pelegrin, Director of Executive Education & Business Solutions, and Gabriela Sánchez, Programme Officer, Executive Education & Business Solutions at ESCP Business School share how isEazy Author helped them achieve:

  • Reduce time and resources invested in content production.
  • Increase the production capacity of digital courses.
  • Develop content in a more agile and collaborative way.
  • Improve participant engagement boost course completion rates.

Explained by

Olga Alonso Pelegrin

Director of Executive Education & Business Solutions at ESCP Business School.

Gabriela Sánchez

Programme Officer, Executive Education & Business Solutions at ESCP Business School.

“Beyond enhancing our learning experience, we have seen a remarkable increase in the efficiency and productivity of our team.

Olga Alonso Pelegrin, Director Executive Education & Business Solutions at ESCP Business School.

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