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How we helped Amara NZero transform its training and internal communication processes


Sustainable energy

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+1.800 employees


8 countries


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Amara NZero, a company strongly committed to the energy transition, was looking for a comprehensive solution to improve its training and internal communication processes. The goal was to transmit its values and corporate culture to more than 1800 employees.

Thanks to isEazy, and through the NZero Challenge app, they have managed to offer continuous training to their teams, optimizing the production of their training content and strengthening their corporate communication.

Gonzalo Errejón Sainz de la Maza, Group CEO and Shareholder, and Jaime Sierra Crespo, Communication Manager, tell us how, thanks to isEazy, Amara NZero has been able to:

  • Communicate their corporate culture and receive feedback in real time.
  • Establish a simple and effective communication channel.
  • Create a social feed, where employees can share opinions with colleagues from around the world.

Explained by

Gonzalo Errejón Sainz de la Maza

Group CEO and Shareholder at Amara NZero Group

Jaime Sierra Crespo

Communication Manager en Amara NZero Group

“Our goal is to continue taking advantage of the versatility of NZero Challenge to continue innovating in our corporate processes. The first steps will be to expand our training areas and digitize our onboarding and offboarding processes.”

Gonzalo Errejón Sainz de la Maza, Group CEO and Shareholder at AMARA NZero Group

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