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How we helped PreZero transform its internal knowledge into attractive and quality courses




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Spain and Portugal


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PreZero is one of the leading companies in the environmental sector. With over 16,000 employees throughout Spain and Portugal, it provides services to more than 15 million people, offering cutting-edge solutions in waste treatment and the circular economy.

As a company fully committed to people, PreZero was faced with the challenge of converting its complete body of internal knowledge into attractive, high-quality e-learning courses. The purpose? To train its team of managers in the skills and technical knowledge needed to lead the business into the future.

Thanks to isEazy, PreZero has developed and launched a hybrid content creation model, training more than 129 managers in an online context. Moreover, it has done this in record time, generating over 30 e-learning courses in a period of just 9 months.

Begoña Parada, Director of Human Resources, Isaac Orduna, Head of Talent and Wellbeing, and Adriana Díaz, Head of Training and Development, Beatriz Simarro, Operational Efficiency Project Leader, tell us how, thanks to isEazy, PreZero has managed to:

  • Make more than 30 courses available within just 9 months, with the goal of training over 129 managers online.
  • Improve the rating of its courses, earning more than 8.5 out of 10 on average.
  • Gain the ability to update these courses as and when necessary, fully autonomously and within a single day.


Nos lo cuenta

Begoña Parada

Human resources director

Isaac Orduna

Head of Talent and Wellbeing

Adriana Díaz

Training and Development Manager

Beatriz Simarro

Operational Efficiency Project Leader

“The work methodology and agility of isEazy’s content factory has allowed us to meet our training objectives: in just 9 months, they have developed for us more than 30 online contents, with a high pedagogical level and a spectacular design.”

Adriana Díaz, Training and Development Manager

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