How to create a culture of knowledge sharing in your company

Imagine yourself in the following scenario: you are leading a training session on sales technique for a sizable team. During the session, the employees begin to collaborate actively, eagerly sharing personal insights and valuable information on how to approach sales more effectively. This moment is an example of the value

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Onboarding vs. Training: How to tell the difference?

When it comes to welcoming new team members into your company, onboarding and training are both essential processes to ensure their long-term success. However, confusion can arise when it comes to distinguishing between these two terms, as although on the surface they seem similar, they play crucially different roles. Both

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5 gamification tools to level up your company’s learning experience

There are many ways to improve the commitment and productivity of employees in the modern workplace. One method, however, stands out. Gamification, despite some initial doubts, has proven to be one of the most effective strategies available for enhancing the corporate learning experience. Integrating game elements into learning not only

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Develop your team’s basic digital skills: The keys to success

In today’s digital age we live in a professional world where everything can change at astonishing speed. Technology has gone from being simply an option to becoming the catalyst for organizational success. Against this backdrop, adapting to change is essential for any company that wants to stand out and continue

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Recompensas en la gamificación

How to use rewards in gamification to power up your training 

Over the past few years, gamification has risen to become a powerful tool that can motivate and engage people in many different contexts, from formal education to marketing and business. In corporate training, it can be utilized as part of a wider gamification strategy, integrating game elements to transform learning

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The 5 most important benefits of gamification in HR

Human resources (HR) management is essential to the success of any company, especially in the current professional landscape. However, today it can feel more difficult than ever to motivate and engage employees, as well as foster a sense of development and collaboration. Perhaps surprisingly then, gamification in HR has emerged

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buddy onboarding

Optimize the integration of your new team with Buddy Onboarding

Integrating new employees into your organization is a process that is as exciting as it is stressful. It’s also a crucial period for the success of any company. And although the combination of a good onboarding process and attentive management is essential to getting positive results during those first few

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beneficios de la gamificación

Discover the benefits of gamification for companies

Gamification is increasingly recognized as a fundamental strategy for boosting engagement, motivation, and knowledge retention. In fact, the gamification market, which reached $10.19 million in 2022 and is expected to achieve an annual growth rate of 7.67% by 2027, has transformed the Learning and Development industry. This shift has caused

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