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5 skills that successful individuals share: Develop your team and lead them to success 


Success, whether it be in our personal or professional lives, is something most human beings aspire to. What if there were a secret formula to achieve it? While that might not be possible, there are certain guidelines and behaviors that successful people have in common, which we can replicate to achieve similar results. 

In this article, we will explore how to define a successful person, along with the attitudes, characteristics and skills they possess to help you develop your teams. 

What defines a successful person? 

Although success can mean different things to different people, a successful person is generally considered to be someone who has achieved their goals in life. In that sense, persistence is a fundamental requirement for successful individuals, as it enables them to take steady steps towards achieving their objectives. 

But what do we mean by success? While it could be considered a somewhat subjective word, “success” comes from the Latin word “exitus,” which means “exit” or “end.” In other words, we could say it’s related to the completion of a task.  

What attitudes do the most successful people have in their jobs? 

A successful person in the workplace generally demonstrates a combination of three basic attitudes: 

  • Determination: To be successful, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of your career goals and be capable of overcoming obstacles by implementing creative solutions. 
  • Passion: Another important factor is to love what you do and demonstrate a passion for it. This allows individuals to fully engage in their tasks and continually improve. 
  • Positive mindset: Seeing challenges as opportunities for growth, adapting to changes, and maintaining an open mindset also attitudes associated with successful people.

Characteristics of a successful person 

While these attitudes refer to the outlook of successful people in a more general sense, there are also certain characteristics they possess as part of their personality: 

1. Maintaining motivation

Successful individuals always maintain a positive attitude in the face of difficulties, differences, and conflicts in their work. This helps them stay motivated to carry out their daily tasks, as pessimism can hinder determination and progress towards. 

2. Finding meaning in their work

Successful individuals emotionally engage with their projects, giving significance to their actions and maintaining total commitment to any task they undertake. 

3. Having clear objectives

To achieve success, you must have clear goals. This allows you to specify the necessary actions and conditions to make them happen, considering what depends on yourself or involves other actors in the process.

4. Thinking constructively

One of the healthiest habits maintained by successful people is constructive thinking. This not only helps them avoid feeling defeated by challenges but also drives them to find practical solutions instead of succumbing to stress and anxiety. 

5. Staying focused on achieving their goals

Successful individuals have the ability to align all their actions to obtaining results. This doesn’t mean that they believe any end justifies the means, but rather that they can make the necessary decisions at the right time to develop their full potential and reach their goals. 

5 skills of a successful person 

Preparing for success goes beyond attitudes and personal characteristics. There are also certain skills required for achieving goals.  

Assembling a team of successful professionals can be a guarantee for certain projects or the success of an organization. That’s why many companies offer their team members the latest training in soft skills to boost talent development. Some of the most sought-after competencies in this regard are: 

1. Self-motivation

As we’ve seen, motivation is one of the most critical traits of successful people and it’s also a skill that can be worked on. Being self-motivated means facing any challenge or difficulty by enhancing self-confidence, capabilities, and strengths to prevent external factors from overwhelming you. 

2. Resilience

In addition to self-motivation, you should foster resilience among your collaborators. This means being able to adapt positively to changes, seeing the benefits of change, and proactively adjusting to new demands in the environment. 

3. Creativity

To achieve their goals, individuals aiming for success must generate new ideas and solutions. They should be creative and open-minded to new perspectives and ideas, breaking traditional paradigms and questioning conventional work methodologies. 

4. Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence will help your team members recognize and manage their emotions and those of others, facilitating sincere, empathetic, and successful interpersonal relationships that are vital within the work environment. 

According to the World Economic Forum, “90% of top professionals have high emotional intelligence.”

5. Persuasive communication

To become successful professionals, your team members must also be capable of effective communication, building a solid and convincing argument that enables them to achieve their goals. 

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Cristina Sánchez


Cristina Sánchez

Digital PR Specialist at isEazy

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