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Rebeca Vaillo
European University of Madrid

Right off the bat, theisEazyteam focused on understanding our problems and speaking our language. Thanks to the training, our employees were able to learn via a new, useful and personalized way, something that was quickly reflected in the results: the completeness of online training exceeded 90%, while gamification achieved a knowledge retention rate of up to one 93%.

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Carmen María López Fernández de Córdoba
Learning Contents Factory Team Leader at Vodafone

We are very satisfied with the results ofisEazy Skills. We were able to get all employees to actively participate in the project, and they completed the training 100% with a knowledge application rate of over 84%.

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Esther Ortega
HR Director at Petit Palace

We are very satisfied with the results of isEazy Skills. Among them, the ability to automate processes achieving an efficiency improvement, and automation, with which we have drastically reduced management times, publication of content and training costs as well as giving a great boost in the digital transformation of training.

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Carlos de la Torre
Learning & Talent Specialist en ING

Estamos muy contentos con los resultados de isEazy Engage. Lo que comenzó con el desarrollo de una aplicación para digitalizar nuestro proceso de onboarding, se ha convertido en una plataforma que utilizamos en diferentes procesos, tanto de Recursos Humanos como de comunicación.

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Antonio Rosique
SMI & Senior National Trainer en Shiseido

El tándem entre formación y gamificación de isEazy Game ha superado completamente nuestras expectativas. Gracias a los diferentes recursos, videotutoriales, juegos y retos, hemos obtenido más de un 90% de retención del conocimiento e incrementado la participación y engagement de la formación.

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<img src="/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/logo-amaraNzero.png" width="177" height="60"></br>Gonzalo Errejón Sainz de la Maza

Gonzalo Errejón Sainz de la Maza
Group CEO y Shareholder.
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isEazy's tools allow us to live our corporate culture in a very different way than what we see in other companies, and it is certainly moving us forward much faster than any of our competitors.

<img src="/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/Logo-emasesa-1.png" width="177" height="60"></br>Raúl Herrero

Raúl Herrero
Head of training and chair.
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We want our training plan to reflect the training needs of both our teams and our company, paying special attention to the environment in which we work, and responding to the unique challenges we face.

<img src="/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/Logo-belas-artes.png" width="177" height="60"></br>João Tenório

João Tenório
Multimedia Instructional Designer
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IsEazy is providing our students with a new distance learning experience that has revolutionized our concept of online teaching.

<img src="/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/Logo-pepco.png" width="177" height="60"></br><br>Roberto Germán

Roberto Germán
Human Resources Manager.
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isEazy has been essential to create exclusive and 100% customized content adapted to the company's needs at a national and international level.

<img src="/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/logo-ESCP.png" width="177" height="60"></br>Olga Alonso

Olga Alonso
Director of Executive Education & Business Solutions.
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Beyond enhancing our learning experience, we have seen a remarkable increase in the efficiency and productivity of our team.

<img src="/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/logo-esade.png" width="177" height="60"></br>Gloria Batllori Lloveras

Gloria Batllori Lloveras
Responsible for Instructional Design in the Learning Factory of CETL.
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With tools such as isEazy, we can enjoy greater capacity, flexibility and autonomy when producing our content.

<img src="/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/logo-testimonials-clarel.png" width="177" height="60"></br>Carlos Ramos Alcalde

Carlos Ramos Alcalde
Head of Talent and Communications.
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isEazy is revolutionising e-learning. Participation and engagement have increased, and each day we have more supporters who are interested in new content.

<img src="/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/logo-testimonials-fischer.png" width="177" height="60"></br>Bianca Brösamle

Bianca Brösamle
Human Resources Development Specialist.
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Thanks to isEazy, we can rely on a tool that allows us to easily create and update our own content, enabling us to develop lifelong training which is sustainable in the long term.

<img src="/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/logo-testimonials-asv.png" width="177" height="60"></br>José Andrés Sánchez Bueno

José Andrés Sánchez Bueno
Corporate Director for People and Culture.
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Using the right tools, together with new learning formulas, completely revolutionized the way training was done at our organization.

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