A quick guide to a successful learning and development strategy

Estrategia formación y desarrollo l&d

As you know, employee training is the most powerful tool for attracting and retaining the best talent in your organisation. That’s what makes investing in a good internal Learning and Development (L&D) strategy key to improving and aligning the goals of the professionals within an organisation. What’s more, the major transformation experienced in the world […]

From soft skills to power skills: the abilities that empower your team

power skills

Soft skills are all those skills that help us make better decisions, be more flexible or creative, communicate better with our environment and face problems head on. They are skills that revolve around the way we act and think, as opposed to hard skills, which are acquired through technical training and require know-how. However, the […]

The 4 C’s for an effective online onboarding

onboarding online

In less than two years, almost all training processes have become digital. Ever since companies like Facebook, Spotify or Twitter have introduced permanent remote work, many others have followed their steps. Now, working from home is ‘the new normal’, and both employees and employers have to adapt to this new reality. This change is especially […]