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Discover the benefits of gamification for companies

beneficios de la gamificación

Gamification is increasingly recognized as a fundamental strategy for boosting engagement, motivation, and knowledge retention. In fact, the gamification market, which reached $10.19 million in 2022 and is expected to achieve an annual growth rate of 7.67% by 2027, has transformed the Learning and Development industry. This shift has caused many companies to rethink the way they train their employees, incorporating fun and engaging dynamics to boost skills development.

Gamification is a particularly important solution for companies looking to foster engagement among Millenials and Gen Z employees. These generations prefer investing their time in meaningful work. With this in mind, games give them practical skills they can apply to their day to day, while collaborating with colleagues and improving their job satisfaction.

Gamification for corporate training: advantages and outcomes

What makes gamification effective within an organization is its power to engage employees and foster a sense of belonging to the company but there are many other advantages, some of which we explore below.

Motivation, engagement, and retention: Key benefits of gamification in companies

Gamification actively involves employees through gaming elements such as challenges, rewards, and competitions. These elements create a fun and exciting learning environment that motivates employees to participate, thus increasing engagement in the training process.
95% of employees enjoy using gamified systems, making gamification a powerful tool for enhancing employee retention too. The interactive and participatory nature of games captures employees’ attention and recognises their efforts and achievements for a more positive working environment.
Rankings and leaderboards for example can boost engagement and motivation by up to 48%!

Gamification enhances performance and productivity

Statistics show that 90% of employees are more productive when engaging with gamification. The immediate feedback provided by games also allows employees to identify areas for improvement and make real-time adjustments to continuously enhance their performance.

Gamification also reduces the stress associated with monotonous or repetitive tasks, turning learning into a rewarding interactive experience.

Encouraging teamwork and collaboration through gamification

Gamification is highly effective in promoting teamwork and collaboration. By incorporating gaming elements into activities and projects, companies can develop a playful environment that encourages interaction among team members. Shared challenges and objectives motivate employees to collaborate, communicate, and coordinate their efforts to achieve common goals.

When combined with rewards for achievements, this dynamic reinforces the sense of belonging and satisfaction that comes from working together.

Promoting creativity and innovation through gamification

Game dynamics work because players constantly strive to improve. This requires them to seek creative solutions to enhance their performance and achieve real results. This also applies to the real world where employees often have to think out of the box in pursuit of pay rises and promotions for example.

Games provide a safe space for experimentation and trying out new ideas. By rewarding and recognizing creativity and innovation, gamification therefore encourages employees to seek new ways to tackle challenges and improve processes.

Transform your employee training into a unique experience

Now that you’re familiar with the benefits of gamification in companies, it’s time to incorporate it into your corporate training strategy. isEazy Game is a user-friendly gamification app that helps you effortlessly transform your training content into question-and-answer games, simple dynamics, and challenges that amplify your training results x10!

Empower your professionals to acquire new knowledge while having fun. Try isEazy Game for free.

Cristina Sánchez


Cristina Sánchez

Digital PR Specialist at isEazy


05/22/24 17:00h

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