Strategies to promote the personalization of learning

The last few years have seen unprecedented changes in content consumption. Not only has the time people spend consuming content like podcasts and videos increased, the way in which they consume them has also undergone a significant shift. Thanks to platforms like Netflix and Spotify and the rise of artificial

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On-the-job training: How a training app can help maximize your results

Finding and hiring the best talent is the first step to ensuring a company’s success. To achieve this, it is necessary to implement different processes, one of the more important being employee training. Through teaching and learning, employees gain the skills and knowledge they need to perform their jobs effectively,

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4 strategies for improving bank employee training 

According to McKinsey, the banking industry has undergone a major shift over the past decade with branch downsizing, the implementation of online banking services and the adoption of other state-of-the-art technologies. On top of this, the pandemic and the digital age have forced banking along with many other sectors to

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How gamification can help reduce work stress

Technological advances and the digital transformation of the workplace have led to the need for new, more modern training methods designed according to the requirements and interests of students. With this in mind, gamification in the field of corporate training is becoming increasingly popular compared to other, traditional methodologies. Gamification

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How to launch online courses: 6 ways to promote them successfully

Online courses are one of the best ways to share knowledge in today’s digital world. Through these valuable educational resources, thousands of users can learn something new regardless of physical barriers such as time or distance. But, as with all types of content, it’s essential to know how to promote

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The course catalog with the best training courses for employees

The pandemic has affected the development of professionals’ interpersonal skills. Gartner indicates this in their report on the 9 Trends That Will Define The Future of Work. Skills such as negotiation, public speaking, teamwork, and networking have been affected by social isolation, which could have an impact on organizations. Companies

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evaluación en e-learning

Unlocking learners’ potential: How to use e-learning assessments?

E-learning assessments are crucial in online courses, particularly those designed for continuous improvement. They play an essential role in measuring the quality and effectiveness of any learning process. But evaluations go beyond simply determining if training requirements have been met. They also reflect the effort put in by the student

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How to create branching scenarios?

How to create branching scenarios? Real examples & templates!

Most corporate training programs aim to ensure professionals acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to perform their functions. It’s essential to offer engaging, flexible, and compelling content to achieve this. In this sense, e-learning platforms have become the preferred choice for most organizations. When the training goal is to get

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Native language training: Why does language truly matter in corporate training?

We live in a globalized world, which means we establish connections with people from different cultures, places, and languages daily. This happens more frequently in large companies with offices in other locations. Effective communication is crucial in building relationships, collaboration, and teamwork. What happens if this communication fails in critical

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corporate university

Corporate University: Aligning strategy and talent in your company!

Training programs have become crucial for the success of every organization. Experts have endorsed this, and data on the subject backs it up. By 2020, the total spending on training across all industries reached $82.5 billion, adding that half of the experts expect their training budget to increase, according to

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