Modelo SAM-diseño-instruccional

SAM Model of Instructional Design: optimize your training

The SAM Model is an agile Instructional Design methodology for developing training content, made up of three simple stages for creating and testing provisional teaching materials which are modified until the end goal is reached. The SAM model has become very popular in recent years for streamlining planning timelines through

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Personal development programs: Why are they important for organizations?

Employees are at the heart of any organization, no matter the size. That makes them a company’s most valuable asset which is why supporting them in their professional development is key to business success. If your company provides its employees with talent development plans to enhance their skills, stay motivated,

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The 4 phases of a successful onboarding plan

In today’s working environment, companies are more and more committed to the successful incorporation of new employees. This process, also known as an onboarding plan, is essential when it comes to establishing a relationship between the organization and the employee, and laying the foundations for a successful future for both

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How to encourage cooperation in your team

When it comes to achieving business goals, high-performance teams rely on cooperation to be effective. Each member must carry out their tasks individually while working as a team with a shared objective in mind. Effective teamwork isn’t a given in every company though. It requires a strategy to develop teams

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How to evaluate training with a Learning Management System (LMS) 

Engagement is one of the biggest roadblocks to successful training. In a workforce that’s accustomed to an increasingly rapid pace of life with immediate access to content, attracting and keeping the attention of employees is a challenge faced by all training managers. In fact, the average attention span in 2022

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How to boost training engagement with a learner marketing strategy 

Marketing is an essential part of any company’s strategy. Knowing which customers to reach, where, and when based on their profile is a day-to-day task every business has to undertake if it wants to sell its products or services. But it’s not just potential customers companies should be taking into

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The 4 instructional design models

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of e-learning or are already a veteran, this article will be interest to you. Understanding and implementing the different instructional design models are crucial in making your online training a success. These models are used to define the different activities that form

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Strategies to promote the personalization of learning

The last few years have seen unprecedented changes in content consumption. Not only has the time people spend consuming content like podcasts and videos increased, the way in which they consume them has also undergone a significant shift. Thanks to platforms like Netflix and Spotify and the rise of artificial

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