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How to create corporate training programs

The sudden onset of the pandemic in 2020 triggered a significant paradigm shift in corporate training needs, forcing companies to design new training strategies in response. Since then, L&D departments have concentrated on implementing an array of technological changes to ensure that training programs meet the needs of this new

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gestión por objetivos blog

Understanding the development of corporate teams 

Teamwork is one of the vital elements regarding the organization´s efficiency, it involves several people working together for a common goal, seeking benefits for the company. This method of collaboration allows to create synergies, increase proactivity, horizontal structures, and stimulate interpersonal relations….it is full of advantages! But just like any

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powerpoint a scorm

Convert your PowerPoint into SCORM with isEazy Author

Modern companies often have a large volume of corporate knowledge tied up in PowerPoint format, such as presentations, products or service information, manuals and more. However, this corporate content can be given a new lease of life by using it to create attractive and enjoyable e-learning courses. In this post,

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What is e-learning and what are its main benefits?

In recent years, learning has undergone a remarkable transformation. Today’s education is no longer confined to the traditional classroom, but has in fact moved into the virtual realm, giving rise to the phenomenon known as e-learning. This methodology has not only redefined the way we absorb knowledge but also, by

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Accessible game-based learning: training for your whole workforce

One of the greatest challenges companies face when designing an online training plan is capturing their student’s attention. In general, people have a fairly limited attention span, and this is reduced even further when it comes to training processes. To solve this problem, businesses need to design innovative and interactive

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Gamificación en educación

Gamification in education: Top strategies to apply it in your company

Games have always been a fundamental part of the human experience. Traditionally, play has been associated with ideas of entertainment and leisure, for both adults and children alike. Today, however, we can use games for far more than just play. In fact, they can help us to learn, actively engaging

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cloud-based training

Cloud-based training: 4 advantages of learning in the cloud

For decades, corporate training has been one of the fundamental pillars for the growth and success of companies across the world. From conference rooms right through to printed manuals, we’ve witnessed the gradual evolution of training methods designed to help employees acquire ever more skills and knowledge. However, in an

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Advanced digital skills: The top 10 key abilities to Boost in your teams

From mobile phones that allow us to make instant calls, to smart bracelets that measure our heart rate during exercise, technology has inexorably woven its presence into our daily lives. And the workplace is no exception to this. Technological tools have become indispensable allies, streamlining once-lengthy processes, accelerating communication and

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