How to convert your PowerPoint into online courses with isEazy

PowerPoint is one of the tools that is most widely used to collect and communicate knowledge in corporate environments, from executive reports to presentations on multiple topics or face-to-face training sessions. How many PowerPoints do you have on your computer?  Tens? Thousands? 😉 Ever find yourself wanting to turn those training

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actividades de refuerzo blog

Impactful and fun reinforcement activities for your e-learning courses

As we’ve seen in this post, reinforcement activities in e-learning courses are a powerful tool to measure students’ learning. They also serve as a guide to ensure students stay in line with key concepts while they advance.    The most common use of reinforcement activities is self-assessment. Placing them immediately following theory means students

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advantages authoring tool

The advantages of using authoring tools to create e-learning courses

For years, authoring tools remained widely unknown in the world of training and education. Recently, however, they have evolved into powerful software programs for creating today’s e-learning courses. Do you often wonder: Why is it so difficult to train my team or reach my students with a simple presentation? The

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content curation elearning

Content curation: a way to increase the power of your e-learning course

Very often, when we decide to create an online course, we’re not starting from scratch. The first thing we do is collect and organize the content we have scattered about in different repositories and formats: texts that appear on our website, presentations we share in Google Drive or Slideshare, Youtube

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Event | Using technology to boost employee engagement 

To enhance employee engagement and foster their sense of belonging, today’s companies face the challenge of “captivating” their employees, motivating them to unleash their full potential in the workplace. But how? As we saw on March 7th at the Modern Learning Event organized by Cornerstone, a strategic partner of isEazy

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The 6 common mistakes when creating your online course

You want to offer your employees quality online course but you don’t have much experience or time. You’d like to increase the completion rate because you see that motivation is faltering and your students often fail to complete the courses. If you are in one of these situations, perhaps you’re

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Video elearning

Video is king… in e-learning, too

In recent years, it has become the undisputed king of e-learning: a large proportion of current courses are delivered wholly through videos, while there are few courses that don’t include video session resources or videos selected from Youtube or Vimeo. What is this success due to? What are its benefits

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Images as metaphors. How to convey abstract concepts with images.

Using the image as a metaphor helps convey abstract concepts and reinforce learning. But what is a metaphor, and how to use it in your e-learning courses? In the post, we will tell you all the details so you can create more powerful, impressive, and educational classes. If you want

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7 key points for a noteworthy presentation

When creating a presentation, your main objective is that your audience remembers and thinks back on key concepts. If you don’t know how to do it, follow these 7 tips and then your presentations will be noteworthy! 1. Careful with design! The content of your presentation is key, but how

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Images used to support learning

Images used to support learning

We are sure you’ve heard this Chinese proverb many times: a picture is worth a thousand words. But have you thought about the power of images in learning? Continue reading, and we will tell you how to leverage images in your courses to make them more powerful, impactful, and educational.

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