3x3x3 method: the perfect formula to improve your team’s learning


We, as humans, have the innate need to be constantly learning. In fact, it’s essential to the survival of our species, and every bit as important as drinking or eating! 

What you might not know is that companies can take advantage of this need, known as intentional learning, to greatly empower their employees. 

But what formula can we use to guide and measure this constant need for learning? The 3x3x3 Method is the answer, allowing employees to learn consistently in pursuit of achievable objectives. 

What is the 3x3x3 method? 

The need to learn looks slightly different depending on where it is applied. In the personal sphere, the need to learn focuses on survival, while in the workplace it involves constantly expanding one’s knowledge in order to improve and climb professionally. 

Accordingly, the 3x3x3 Method is a program developed by the consulting firm McKinsey & Company, which seeks to harness this need in order to establish realistic and measurable learning objectives. In other words, it seeks to convert our constant desire to learn into new professional skills and abilities.

The formula is based on setting small but clear professional development objectives, creating a set of guidelines that promote learning and progress. Specifically, it is based on the following three points (hence the name):

  • 3 development objectives: 3 goals or learning objectives to achieve in a specific period of time. It’s very important that these 3 objectives are concrete, since, although we all have great aspirations, the best way towards them is to take clear, well-defined steps. For example, objectives could include taking a course on female leadership, training on mental health, or attending a masterclass on a specific subject. 
  • 3 months to meet the objectives: McKinsey advocates establishing a specific period of time to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves, which should always be 3 months. The reason for giving 12 weeks is to force us to be specific and concrete with our objectives, but not to offer a time so short that it could end up overwhelming us. Moreover, this 3-month margin is very much in line with the patterns set down by most businesses, which tend to work in quarterly periods. 
  • 3 people to reinforce the process: Unfortunately, it often happens that an employee abandons their training early because they cannot find a tangible reason or motivation to continue. Therefore, sharing the process with others by adding ‘learning companions’ has a double benefit. Firstly, the support of others can help us through the learning process and, secondly, it can also drive us to achieve our objectives through a desire not to let ourselves down in the eyes of others. In short, involving third parties in learning is a valuable technique to help your professionals achieve their goals.

The benefits of the 3x3x3 Method 

Implementing this method of learning and improving brings a series of advantages in the short, medium and long term, both for workers themselves and their wider companies. 

It is measurable, concrete and evaluable 

Establishing a series of specific goals to be met in a set period of time allows us to make good progress and measure our performance. If, for example, we established multiple objectives without any time frame, it would be difficult  to measure whether we were truly moving towards them or not

Helps perceive the reward as attainable 

Using the three-month timeframe to set short/medium term goals allows us to see how close our objectives are. Naturally, this encourages us to complete our learning in a timely manner. One of the biggest problems with long-term training is the perceived distance of the objective or reward from the present moment

Encourages feedback and stimulates learning 

Another of the strong points of this learning formula is the involvement of other people. Adding learning companions to the process acts as a source of support, knowledge and feedback for students, and these are key elements to stimulate the full potential of the training

modern learning

Meets our need for constant learning 

Constantly setting new training goals satisfies our innate need to continually learn. At the same time, it allows us to acquire the knowledge we need to grow professionally

Helps boost our professional career 

This is one of the greatest benefits that come with the application of the 3x3x3 method. Constant training allows us to respond swiftly and decisively to the changing needs of the professional world

Promotes the professional development of your employees 

As you can see, the need for constant learning is the perfect pretext to offer employees the chance to develop professionally. One of the big issues that modern companies face is the apathy of their workers due to professional stagnation. However, offering opportunities for continuous improvement is a powerful means of countering this, and creating a positive environment focused on development. 

How to apply the 3x3x3 Method in your company? Train your employees with isEazy Skills! 

The benefits of constant learning in the world of work are clear, both for employees and for companies themselves: workers develop professionally, while businesses enjoy (and can proudly show off) a positive working environment. Now, the only question is how to implement the 3x3x3 method successfully? 

For this, it’s crucial to have the right tools for the job, that provide your employees with all the resources they need. Remember that they need to be able to learn continuously through specific objectives, over clearly established periods of time and with proper support. This task may be easy enough in small organizations, but it is implausible when it comes to larger companies. 

Fortunately, isEazy Skills is the perfect solution to give your employees the guidelines they need to make full use of the 3x3x3 Method. With this powerful tool, you’ll help your workers learn and grow without limits, whether your company is large, medium or small. 

Our solution gives users access to over 540 courses, covering an array of soft and digital skills, including leadership, productivity, creativity, sustainability, happiness, and more. Through practical learning, you’ll foster the development of skills that are crucial for modern companies. 

What’s more, our range of courses easily adapts to the specific needs of any company or sector, preparing your team in the fields and knowledge that matter most to your business. Discover them for free today! 

Sara De la Torre


Sara De la Torre

Content Marketing Manager at isEazy

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