7 lessons we can learn from Twitch streamers for creating amazing digital content


Close your eyes and try to think of all the digital platforms you know. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch … Wait a minute! What’s Twitch?

Twitch is the ultimate revolution in entertainment – one of the most important cultural and social phenomena of recent years. This streaming platform was created to reach younger audiences, as it was originally geared towards streaming video games. Today, many young (and not so young) people are starting to jump on the streaming bandwagon.

But … what does it mean to be a streamer?

A streamer is a brave person who steps in front of the camera and connects with an audience hungry for relevant, fresh, different, and specialized digital content. Night, day, Central European Time, or GMT. Live streaming never stops. As you can imagine, there are streamers of all kinds: singers, comedians, scientists … and even teachers!

If you want to go a step further as a trainer or if you need to create stronger links between your training content and your learners, this new way of communicating and connecting with your audience is sure to be of interest. Why? Because beyond live streaming, the key concept behind Twitch is the special connection developed between the presenter (or streamer) and their audience.

7 lessons you should learn from Twitch to create your digital content

1. Understand your audience

It doesn’t matter what your area of work is or the type of training you provide. You need to focus on your learners’ needs and the training course’s specific objectives. This will make it easier for you to create quality digital content that truly resonates with your audience and, above all, helps you to establish a real learning dynamic.

2. Focus on the message

Keeping your audience engaged is challenging in a world where all the information you need can be found at your fingertips. At this point, (almost) anything goes. The more visual it is, the better. And we haven’t even started talking about making your content interactive… Note how the most popular streamers constantly interact with their followers. You can also achieve that ” addiction ” level by using resources such as videos, exercises, and gamification.

3. Create your style

On Twitch, every streamer is unique. As such, each streamer will have their type of audience.

The truth is that each of us has a unique personality, which can be seen in how we express ourselves and communicate with others. Understanding your style will help you connect with your audience. How?

  • In face-to-face sessions or video calls: consider your environment, the clothes you are wearing and your lighting, etc. Create your brand!
  • In your e-learning content: style is communicated through design, colors, the types of illustrations or images you choose, and the kinds of activities you create. Take care of them!

4. Use the right tools

Have you ever attended a live training session where the sound or image quality of one of the speakers was really bad? Sat through presentations that didn’t run smoothly or courses that were poorly structured and badly written?

Often, these conditions can cause the learner to lose interest in the content. That’s why all the best streamers on Twitch organize their appearances in advance and ensure they have the right tools. Likewise, you should always make use of the best e-learning tools for your training – whether it’s to create your e-learning content or to distribute it.

5. Make your content go “viral”

Streamers know that social media is a great source to attract followers while also serving as a powerful engagement tool. Pay attention to your company’s communication channels and make the most of them to enhance the marketing of your training courses.

6. Create habits

One key characteristic that defines streamers is that they are consistent in their streaming. In doing so, they create habits among their followers. How can you apply this to your training courses? You may be familiar with the terms micro habit or microlearning. Your training sessions will be more successful if you think of them in terms of small, frequent impacts. This will make it easier for you to establish learning habits among your learners.

7. Be mindful of your followerslearners

To create engagement, Twitch streamers need to look after their audience. As a result, they constantly communicate with their followers via chat, reading, and responding to their comments.

You can start by reviewing your training content if you want to copy these streamers. Open communication channels with your audience through which they can share their opinions and suggestions with you to improve your next training sessions.

Have you taken note of all these tips? Well, then, it’s time to put them into practice! Start creating spectacular e-learning courses now.

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