Convert your PowerPoint into SCORM with isEazy Author

Convert powerpoint to scorm

Companies often store a large amount of information in PowerPoint format. Presentations, courses, instruction manuals… why not recycle all that content and transform it into an online course? If you think it’s a long and expensive process, you’d be wrong! One of the fastest ways to create your online course based on a presentation is to export the PowerPoint slides and insert them into isEazy Author as images. 

Next, we’ll show you the steps to follow to do just that.

Convert ppt to scorm

Exporting slides to images

When you need to copy a PowerPoint slide to use it directly in isEazy Author, the simplest thing to do is convert it into an image. You can convert the slide into whatever image format you like and then import it to other applications.

All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Select the slide you want to save as an image.
  2. Select File > Save as (in PowerPoint for Mac select File > Export).
  3. Choose where you want to save the image and give it a name.
  4. After clicking on the down arrow in Save as, you will see the different formats in which you can save the image. Select JPEG.
  5. Then, select Save (Export in PowerPoint for Mac).
  6. Choose if you want to export all the slides of your presentation or only the one you have selected.
  7. The slide will then be saved in the selected format.

If you have converted more than one slide into an image, a new folder will be created on your computer in the selected destination, with the same name as the presentation.

Importing to isEazy Author

Once in isEazy Author, you can very easily import the entire image. 

Create a new slide without margins, add the image element, and attach the image that corresponds to the slide you have exported from PowerPoint. It is important that you put the image in Fit mode so that it accommodates all the content and does not cut anything out. 

Do you want to add interactivity? Instead of using the image element, choose a simple interactive element such as an image plus text, card, or hot spots. In this way, you can add a more interesting touch to your course with minimal effort. Also, remember that once you have your templates set up, you can duplicate them and simply change the content, to save even more time.

Adding value to your SCORM content with isEazy Author

As you can see, converting a PowerPoint presentation to SCORM could not be easier. In addition to incorporating interactivity with elements such as hot spots and linked images, there are other elements that can add value to your courses, which are not possible in a traditional PowerPoint presentation.

There are games and activities you can incorporate into the content to make it more entertaining while allowing your students to internalize the information in a more dynamic way. 

For example, think of the alphabet game. The alphabet game is one of isEazy Author star resourcesit’s a game where the letters of the alphabet appear in a circle and students must answer a series of questions whose responses either begin with or contain the corresponding letter.

Another interesting element is trivial. The student spins the wheel and must complete all categories by answering at least one of the questions in each category correctly, trying as many times as he or she needs.

Lastly, you have activities such as fill-in-the-gaps, multiple choice, and matching to which you can adapt almost any type of content.

Apart from all of these games and exercises, you can also enable a final assessment at the end of the course, which will allow you to record grades for your students and establish criteria for passing the course.  

As you can see, isEazy Author allows you to easily leverage all the content that you already have stored in your Powerpoint presentation. Don’t let your hard work gather dust! Share it with your colleagues in a modern and attractive format. Would you like to try it? Then be sure to sign up for free and start creating online courses today! Don’t miss this opportunity!


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