Advanced digital skills: The top 10 key abilities to Boost in your teams


From mobile phones that allow us to make instant calls, to smart bracelets that measure our heart rate during exercise, technology has inexorably woven its presence into our daily lives. And the workplace is no exception to this.

Technological tools have become indispensable allies, streamlining once-lengthy processes, accelerating communication and optimizing productivity. Such advances have made it increasingly necessary for us to master specific skills that help us stand out in a digital world. These advanced digital skills are vital to adapt and thrive in a constantly evolving technological environment, and in this article we’ll be delving into 10 of the most important.

What are advanced digital skills?

Advanced digital skills are a specific set of skills and knowledge that help employees to thrive in a technological environment. These skills are not just limited to basic familiarity with devices, applications or software, but also include the ability to use advanced tools and adopt strategic approaches to face complex digital challenges.

The importance of developing advanced digital skills in the world of work

In today’s professional world, developing advanced digital skills has become a critical tool for survival and success. This is largely due to the way technology has imposed itself on most modern business operations, forcing changes in response.

A lack of advanced digital skills in an environment where automation, data analytics and connectivity have become commonplace can amount to a significant obstacle for companies. The absence of these skills can not only hinder professional growth, but also get in the way of business competitiveness.

As an article published by the Harvard Business Review emphasizes, digital tools are constantly changing and evolving, and exactly the same is true for the skills and competencies needed to use them. This is why it’s so important to help employees develop a digital mindset – one that allows them to take on the challenges that come with widespread digital transformation, and simultaneously boost efficiency, innovation and productivity.

Top 10: The most important advanced digital skills

There are a number of basic digital skills such as digital literacy, data collection and communication, which you can learn about in more detail in this article. Many of these skills have become essential in various industries, and are vital to help employees face challenges and take full advantage of opportunities in the digital sphere. However, in order to master the modern technological environment, it is important to develop a series of more complex skills, including the following:

1. Blockchain

Blockchain is a technology that allows transactions to be verified and recorded in a secure, transparent way. Its applications are numerous and varied, and while blockchain is typically associated with cryptocurrencies, it is also utilized in areas such as supply chain management, smart contracts, and data authentication. Knowledge of blockchain is particularly valuable to guarantee the integrity and security of transactions made in the digital environment.

2. AI and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to digital systems capable of performing tasks that require human intelligence, while Machine Learning is a branch of AI that allows machines to learn and improve based on data. These are crucial skills for developing autonomous systems, and for designing predictive analytics and personalized experiences. These processes can help transform the way companies make decisions, and allow them to offer innovative services or products.

3. Big data analysis

Big data analysis is a process that involves interpreting large quantities of data. Such analysis allows us to identify patterns and trends, and obtain valuable information for making strategic decisions. These skills are essential to extracting meaningful knowledge from large amounts of data that are generated on a daily basis. Through big data analysis, companies can enhance their ability to predict trends and optimize processes, both of which come in particularly useful in the fields of digital marketing and human resources.

4. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity deals with the protection of systems, networks and data against cyber threats. Professionals with cybersecurity skills are essential to safeguard the integrity and confidentiality of information, mitigating pressing risks such as unauthorized access or data theft. Cybersecurity is one of the advanced digital skills most valued by modern companies.

5. Cloud computing

Cloud services are platforms that host and administer the flow of user data over the Internet. Efficient resource management through the cloud is essential for the scalability and flexibility of business operations. Developing cloud computing skills allows a company to deploy, manage and optimize cloud infrastructures, granting quick access to resources and services without the need for investments in physical infrastructure.

6. User experience

User experience (UX) focuses on optimizing the design of digital products and services to make them intuitive and satisfying for users. The development of UX skills allows a company to create friendly, accessible and efficient technological interfaces, improving the interaction between users and technology.

7. Marketing and SEO

Skills in digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) are essential for increasing online visibility and attracting relevant audiences. These skills involve understanding and integrating digital marketing strategies, data analysis, and content optimization to improve search engine rankings.

8. Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) is the ability to convert data into strategic insights for informed decision making. This skill involves collecting, analyzing and visualizing data effectively, in order to retrieve key information for the planning and execution of business strategies. It’s a crucial skill across all departments of an organization, as it allows you to make decisions that accelerate growth and productivity.

9. Office automation

This is a skill that seeks the mastery of office tools, both traditional and collaborative. Such tools can include word processors, spreadsheets, and real-time collaboration platforms with chat features. Its development is essential for efficient document management and teamwork in digital work environments.

10. Virtual and augmented reality

Virtual and augmented reality (VR) are emerging technologies that transform the way people interact with information and entertainment. Mastering these skills involves understanding how to develop and apply such technologies in fields as diverse as product design, simulation, and training.

The impact of advanced digital skills in the work environment

Developing advanced digital skills not only benefits individual professionals, who can better develop and grow within their company, but also has a significant impact on the work environment in general:

  • Improved productivity

Skills such as automation, data analysis, and efficient resource management lead to a significant improvement in productivity. This is because it improves routine labor processes and tasks, freeing up time and resources that can be redirected to more useful strategic activities.

  • Faster adaptation to technological change

Digital skills prepare professionals and companies to respond quickly to technological change in a constantly evolving landscape.

  • Competitive advantages in the professional world

Advanced digital skills act as key differentiators in a highly competitive labor market, helping employees who possess them to stand out. Professionals who develop these skills are perceived as valuable assets, while companies with strong teams well-versed in digital skills build up a greater competitive advantage.

  • Continuous innovation

Innovation is the engine of progress in any company. Advanced digital skills foster a culture of innovation within organizations, transforming professionals into individuals who can invent creative and innovative solutions to problems. By applying emerging technologies to problem-solving efforts and contributing new ideas, they help to keep the organization at the forefront of its field.

The key to developing advanced digital skills

As we have seen, the development of advanced digital skills is crucial for the growth and development of any company. And the key to developing these skills is continuous training – carried out through educational platforms and resources especially designed for their development.

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