Green quitting

What is green quitting?

The term green quitting refers to the act of leaving a job for reasons related to environmental or ethical concerns. In the employment landscape, green quitting is gaining more and more traction as a concept, with greater numbers of people beginning to resign or reject job offers from organizations with an insufficient focus on ESG criteria.

Green quitting usually happens when an employee is dissatisfied, or can no longer identify, with a company due to its lack of commitment to social and environmental needs. A recent report by KPMG showed that environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors influence the employment decisions of nearly half of all workers surveyed. Lending even more force to these statistics, recently published data has also shown that one in two employees wants their company to demonstrate a meaningful commitment to ESG criteria.

Why should companies care about green quitting?

Modern companies are faced with a workforce that is increasingly environmentally aware and socially responsible. Today, top talent seeks to be part of a company that shares their environmental values. If organizations fail to demonstrate a serious commitment to issues such as sustainability, respect for the environment and social equity, they are likely to lose out on some of the most talented and committed employees available. These workers will inevitably seek opportunities with companies more aligned to their outlook

A strong reputation for environmental care and concern can powerfully attract employees, customers and partners who share the same values. Additionally, employees who feel in tune with their company’s ESG approach tend to be more engaged and productive in their jobs. Indeed, the reality is that these days more and more employees are seriously investigating whether their organizations are truly engaged. with ESG criteria. So, if companies want to continue attracting and retaining the best talent, they will need to start addressing these demands.

How can companies prevent green quitting?

It’s crucial that companies take action in response to these growing concerns. Broadly, this requires a demonstration of their commitment to improving and developing their ESG performance on a continuous basis. Some of the most important steps your company can take include the following:

Improve and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability

Companies must demonstrate a clear and genuine commitment to sustainability in all areas of their operation, from the supply chain, to labor practices, and even through to waste management. This involves establishing concrete environmental goals, implementing sustainable resource conservation and emissions reduction practices, as well as prioritizing the adoption of clean and renewable technologies.

Integrate sustainability into your company’s culture and values

Fostering an organizational culture that values and promotes sustainability is essential to preventing green quitting. Measures could include: providing environmental awareness training for all employees; integrating sustainable practices into internal policies and procedures; and recognizing and rewarding outstanding environmental commitment in employees.

Encourage employee participation

Involving employees in environmental initiatives and offering them opportunities to actively contribute to the company’s sustainability efforts can greatly increase their sense of belonging and commitment. You can try setting up environmental committees or teams, organizing voluntary conservation activities, and even implementing incentive programs to encourage sustainable practices.

Be transparent

It’s crucial for companies to offer full transparency on their environmental policies, and beyond this, to clearly communicate their sustainability efforts to both employees and the general public. Offering benefits and labor policies that support these values works well to complement this transparency and display a real commitment to change. For example, you might offer remote work options that reduce your company’s carbon footprint, incentive programs to get your workers using public transportation, or focused training programs in sustainability and green practices (green training).

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Josefina Castelán
Josefina Castelán
Content Marketing Specialist at isEazy

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