Green training

What does green training mean and why is it relevant?

The term green training refers to training initiatives (including programs, strategies or activities) that promote sustainability, environmental awareness and ecologically driven behavior within a company.

This training method provides employees with everything they need to know on a whole range of topics such as waste reduction, energy conservation and sustainable practices, which contribute to minimizing a negative impact on the environment. In addition to this, green training is essential if you want to align your company with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda, and establish a corporate culture focused on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria.

Environmental benefits of implementing green training programs

Today’s society demands that companies take into account the negative environmental impact their operations can cause. For this reason, more and more companies are integrating ESG criteria into their employee training. Some of the greatest benefits of implementing this type of training include:

Reduced environmental impact

Green training can help companies to identify and apply more sustainable practices to their daily operations. These practices might include reducing the consumption of natural resources, designing more efficient waste management, and minimizing harmful emissions.

Improved energy efficiency

This type of training also helps raise employee awareness of the importance of energy efficiency. Workers have the chance to develop a deeper understanding of how their actions can affect the environment, which encourages them to implement preventative measures such as reducing energy consumption and promoting the use of cleaner resources.

Sustainable waste management

Training can help employees to understand the importance of proper waste management. This leads to the implementation of recycling programs, improves waste reduction, and encourages the adoption of disposal practices with a minimal environmental impact.

Compliance with environmental standards

Following green training and meeting ESG training objectives helps workers to grasp and comply with various environmental standards and regulations. This is crucial to avoid legal sanctions and ensure that your company operates within the proper limits established to protect the environment.

Strategies to integrate sustainable principles into your online training

Use learning platforms that promote sustainable culture

Several platforms exist that are capable of mobilizing a company’s employees around sustainable development objectives. These platforms not only provide specific training in this area, but also offer advice and establish effective communication channels and information repositories. Finally, they allow managers to carry out data analysis to measure levels of employee involvement, observe the impact of training, and identify areas of knowledge that need reinforcing.

Offer specialized courses

Develop courses that address specific topics related to the SDGs and ESG criteria. These might include modules on climate change, human rights and responsible resource management, amongst others. Always ensure that the content you choose is relevant to your industry.

Incorporate multimedia elements

Take advantage of the interactive features of online training platforms to include surveys, questionnaires, videos, simulations and gamification elements. These enrich your content and encourage employees to get more involved with their training.

Assign employee missions

Focus training on tangible actions that employees can actually implement. For example, you might assign missions to reduce impacts by department or area, such as limiting CO₂ emissions, reducing waste, or saving water.

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Josefina Castelán
Josefina Castelán
Content Marketing Specialist at isEazy

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