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What is the AICC in e-learning?

Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee, or AICC, is a learning standard, initially developed for the aerospace industry, that has become an essential element in e-learning. It was formalized in the early 1990s to standardize both the technologies and materials used to train workers in this important sector.

Like other e-learning standards, such as xAPI, LTI or SCORM, AICC is an interoperability standard that provides a common framework for communication between learning content and learning management systems. In other words, it guarantees the compatibility of educational content with any LMS.

AICC operation in online courses

The operation of this standard is based on the communication between educational content and the platform that manages it. This communication is managed through an HTTP AICC communication protocol (HACP), which uses simple text strings to transmit information to and from an LMS.

These standardized protocols allow online courses to interact effectively with a variety of LMSs. So, by using AICC, developers can guarantee compatibility between different platforms and systems, making it easier to implement courses across a host of educational environments.

The key benefits of AICC in learning platforms


One of the main advantages of AICC is its ability to guarantee interoperability between different systems and platforms. This means that courses created with the AICC standard can be seamlessly implemented into many distinct learning environments.


The AICC standard is highly secure, as it uses HTTP messages to communicate with the corresponding LMS. These protocols help protect the privacy and integrity of any information contained within.


AICC content can be stored on a server or domain separate from the one hosting the LMS. This flexibility allows for more versatile deployment, giving developers the ability to manage and update content on both sides independently.

Despite these advantages, the AICC standard has become almost obsolete when compared to other standards such as SCORM. Currently, it is only retained by a handful of organizations due to tradition.

3 steps to integrate AICC into your online course

If your company is one of those still using this standard, consider switching to one of the newer and better options available. If this is not possible, then keep these tips in mind when integrating AICC into your online course:

1. Select a compatible platform

Make sure your learning platform supports the AICC standard. To do this, check the integration and compatibility options that guarantee correct operation.

2. Develop content carefully

Create or develop your educational content following AICC specifications. There are several guidelines and recommendations (ARG-006 and ARG-010) that you need to follow to ensure compatibility. However, today, most authoring tools automatically package content to be compatible with AICC.

3. Distribute your course

You can now start distributing your course through a compatible LMS, the intranet, or by downloading its web version.

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Sara De la Torre
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