Live Learning

What is Live Learning?

Live Learning refers to an online teaching method that replicates aspects of in-person training in a virtual environment. It’s an interactive, collaborative, and participatory learning process that integrates information technologies and encourages active engagement between instructors and students.

Benefits of Live Learning compared to other training approaches

In addition to the advantages offered by e-learning more generally, Live Learning aims to delve into the experiences, practices, concerns, and specific needs of participants, to create a more profound learning experience.

Here are the advantages that Live Learning offers in comparison to other teaching techniques:

  • Real-time interaction

Unlike other online training processes, Live Learning fosters real-time communication between instructors and students, allowing for immediate clarification of doubts and promoting a deep understanding of the content.

  • Active collaboration

In this type of teaching, training groups can collaborate through discussion forums on specific topics, team dynamics, group activities, or collaborative projects, among others. This simulates a dynamic learning environment and encourages joint participation.

  • Enhanced flexibility

While Live Learning sessions occur in real-time, their format allows for recordings. This generates materials for future reference and provides access to students who couldn’t attend the session, making it more flexible than some other teaching methods.

  • Immediate feedback

In Live Learning, instructors provide timely feedback on tasks and performance throughout the process, enabling students to continuously improve without the need for formal evaluations as typically done in traditional courses. This enhances performance, streamlines processes, and creates more efficient training.

  • Practical focus

Through live sessions, simulations, and interactive exercises, students can apply their knowledge practically almost immediately which reinforces knowledge retention.

Best practices for successfully implementing a Live Learning strategy

To make the most of Live Learning, consider the following:

  • Select suitable platforms
  • Design a training program with clear objectives
  • Provide quality and interactive content
  • Flexible schedules for sessions
  • Instructors proficient in technological tools
  • Continuous evaluation and feedback

Ready to harness the best of this modern teaching method and enjoy its benefits?

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Sara De la Torre
Sara De la Torre
Content Marketing Manager at isEazy

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