The best 4 online training models for companies


How we conduct training has changed forever. And not just because of the impact the pandemic has had on our lives. Technology today offers us more efficient ways to keep employees’ skills intact. But for this to happen, companies must be willing to innovate and adapt their training to an online model. This format is not only more cost-effective, but also promotes user learning. But before choosing between the different online training models, ask yourself these four questions:

Why do you want to switch to e-learning models?

Maybe it’s because of the current situation that the pace of your training has slowed down. Or you want to try new models that will improve your company’s productivity… Being clear about your motivation will make your attitude much more positive and open to ideas that you didn’t even consider before.

Do you have the necessary technological know-how and resources?

Take stock of what you already know and what you need to learn in order to implement your online training. Of course, if you have the technological know-how, everything will be much easier. If not, the journey will be all the more exciting! Always work with tools that facilitate the digitization and sharing of your courses, to make the process smoother for you and your audience.

Do you know what content you want to digitize?

You might already have training content, and you just have to adapt it to other formats like for example transform your PDF to SCORM online courses. Or perhaps you have to gather the most important information and create content from scratch. If you know where to start, you can adapt the training model you choose to your own objectives and schedule.

Are your trainers ready for this change?

Assess whether the people who will take on the role of trainers are ready to move from a face-to-face model to an online one. As important as creating quality content is being able to engage employees in online training, making sure courses can be easily shared… Changing the way you do things is always positive, but make sure your trainers are ready for it.

Elearning models

Now that you’re clear about where to start, choose which of these online training models best suits your needs.

These are the best 4 online training models for companies

1. Creating content to publish it on a training website

This allows you to share your content through your intranet, even if you don’t have a platform that unifies and manages all your training processes. If having your content available through this single channel is enough to achieve your objectives, then this option is perfect for you.

2. Training through LMS

This is the most effective way – for trainer and student – to carry out online training. You can easily create SCORM from PDF or PowerPoint documents, upload them to your LMS and keep track of the results. This model allows you to simply reuse your content without investing extra time in creating and sharing it.

3. Blended learning

If training through e-learning yields good results, but you don’t want to lose the magic of human contact, then combine both models! Blended learning allows you to have the materials at hand at all times, improves user satisfaction, and you can implement it little by little. It also enriches learning by enabling you to reinforce practice-oriented knowledge, highlight key points and evaluate your students.

Instructional design models

4. Training webinars

Training via video conference allows you to connect a large number of people at the same time, simply through one app. Although it lacks interactivity, you can choose this model if you have a lot of information to provide, and there’s no need to track or evaluate the progress of your students.

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