How to create SCORM from PDF to revamp your online trainings

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There are few formats in the corporate sector that are as widely used as PDF. Whether in the field of training or internal communications, transmitting your know-how through PDF documents or presentations is still a common practice… although not the most convenient.

Why is that? It’s simple. This format is very difficult to work with. If you want to edit it, you must use specialized, mostly fee-based programs. And, most notably, it can undermine the effectiveness of the training since the document offers virtually no interactivity.

Discover why you should transform your old PDFs into SCORM to maximize efficiency in your e-learning processes. Let’s get started!

Benefits of transforming PDF to SCORM

Just as if you convert SCORM from PowerPoint, you’ll greatly benefit from adapting your older formats to more effective ones. Here are some of the advantages:

You can integrate your content with any LMS

As you know, the acronym SCORM refers to one of the most widely used standards in the e-learning industry. Its main objective is to distribute content seamlessly through any learning platform (Moodle, Canva, isEazy LMS, among others). This way, you’ll maximize efficiency since both trainer and student can access your e-learning content 24/7.

You can follow up on the training progress

You can access the results of your users and find out which aspects to improve, which content is not clearly understood and so on. It also allows you to check how much time your learners spend on each course, and later adapt it to their progress, which is very useful for an effective e-learning assessment.


It provides the highest interactivity

Unlike the traditional PDF format, with SCORM courses you can add elements that better catch the attention of your audience. Presenting content in an original way through audio, videos or exercises will ease learning and knowledge acquisition and make your e-learning course stand out from the rest, increasing learner engagement. Every trainer’s dream!

Steps to convert your training courses from PDF to SCORM with isEazy Author

The hallmark of isEazy Author is its user-friendly approach, and we provide you with three simple ways to transform your PDFs into online courses. We’ll explain them in detail so you can decide which option suits you best:

Option 1

Include a link within any of your slides that allows you to directly download the document. Add a text box, enter the link and that’s it! With this option, your audience can directly access the information they need, in just one click.

Option 2

isEazy Author can be used along with many other tools to make your courses even more impressive. One of these is Google Drive, a holy grail. Upload your PDF presentations to Drive and directly embed the link provided into isEazy Author. It’s really that simple!?

Convert PDF to SCORM

Option 3

You can capture the content of your PDF file yourself through screenshots, easily adding them into your slides. You can also use any online tool to convert your PDF into an editable format, and transfer it to isEazy Author in minutes. If you want to add some extra interactivity to your courses, you can build on your original content to effortlessly create interactive resources such as galleries, hyperlinked images, infographics, games, exercises, multimedia options and much more!

pdf into scorm

After seeing all these benefits and options, we know you want to use the SCORM format for your corporate training now. You can rely on an agile and user-friendly authoring tool to make everything easier. isEazy Author combines the most powerful features in a single e-learning authoring tool that will make you forget about old, plain, boring PDFs. You’ll never use another tool to create courses online!


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