The advantages of using authoring tools to create e-learning courses

advantages authoring tool

For years, authoring tools remained widely unknown in the world of training and education. Recently, however, they have evolved into powerful software programs for creating today’s e-learning courses.

Do you often wonder: Why is it so difficult to train my team or reach my students with a simple presentation? The answer is, it doesn’t have to be! Authoring tools have become the perfect solution to capture the attention of your audience in the easiest, fastest, and most impactful way. They allow you to add spark and creativity to the courses you want to design, in a way that other content creation programs cannot.

5 advantages (plus one extra!) of authoring tools

1- Simplicity of use

Let’s be honest—some authoring tools on the market are not easy to use. For example, Articulate, Captivate, eXeLearning, and Lectora are good tools but are difficult to use. The latest authoring tools, however, have adapted to the demands of both editors and their audiences, making for easy-to-use content creation software programs. Pre designed templates, cloud-synchronized editing, and WYSIWYG technology (What You See Is What You Get) are some of the newest functionalities that authoring tools offer editors.

And what about learners? 24/7 access from any device, interactive content such as games, audio, and videos, and vertical scrolling for reading on smartphones make it easier to view and absorb information. Gone are the days of having to click 100 times just to read something interesting. Today’s authoring tools provide users with a hassle-free and engaging multi-device experience.

2- Professional courses without technical knowledge

You would think that all these improvements to the online course editing experience have come at a cost to the quality of the final product. In reality, the latest authoring tools are as robust as ever. They’re designed so that any professional or business can effortlessly create attractive and dynamic courses that impact their audiences in a big way.

Say goodbye to presentations with complicated designs! Thanks to an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, editors can modify elements, move layouts, and customize even the smallest details of their presentations in a few simple clicks, without needing to have technical or design knowledge.

3- Multi-device compatibility

With e-learning content creation tools, editors can choose the distribution option that best suits their needs to share their courses on smartphones, tablets, or PCs.

Content adapts automatically to different devices without compromising on exceptional usability and quality. This enables users to access information immediately and on-demand, whether on the subway heading to work or at home relaxing on the sofa.

4- Interactive multimedia content

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but we at isEazy Author believe that combining the two is the key to capturing learners’ attention and making concepts more accessible to them. This is exactly what the new ICTs have made possible in the field of training. It is now easier than ever to add and retouch photos as well as integrate audio, self-made videos or videos from platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, and even games and fun exercises.

When paired with well-written text, all this interactive content has the power to engage your students, giving authoring tools the advantage over other traditional tools when creating e-learning courses.

5- Assessments to measure results

Finally, we come to measure results, which are important for students of an online course and its creators. After all, as the maxim goes, “If it can’t be measured, it doesn’t exist.”

The latest authoring tools allow students to be evaluated through summative questions that, in addition to reinforcing concepts, serve to verify the success of your course in terms of learning outcomes. These valuable metrics will enable you to strategize about how to modify and improve your curriculum over time.

One more advantage: Collaborative and teamwork!

We’ve saved the best for last: The newest authoring tools utilize cloud technology to allow multiple users to work simultaneously on creating e-learning courses. This collaboration extends not merely to the same project or section but even to the same presentation slide. Each editor can add or change content directly, turning each presentation into a mosaic wherein everyone contributes their specialized knowledge with a single common goal: to create the best e-learning course for their audience.

Since inspiration can strike when you least expect it, being able to edit content on any computer, anytime and anywhere, facilitates the process of course creation by increasing editors’ productivity and efficiency.

Choosing an authoring tool that brings together all these advantages is not always easy. That’s why we offer a free plan, so you can create content for as long as you need at no cost. So what are you waiting for? Start designing your first e-learning course!

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