10 trends in soft skills to train the new generation of employees

Soft skills are non-technical skills that define how employees interact with others, establish relationships, and perform their daily activities.  For your workforce to reach its full potential and align with business objectives, it is essential to have optimal soft skills training that provides key resources for professional growth.  In this article,

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Unlocking the power of training games for employees 

As trainers, it is our duty to ensure employees receive training that is effective, motivating, and memorable. However, finding a balance between sharing information and creating fun and exciting learning experiences can seem challenging. If while searching you have come across words such as games, gamification or training games, let

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How to download SCORM content: the steps and tools you need to know

If you’ve recently entered the world of e-learning, then SCORM is a word that you’ve probably already come across. This content standard has become an essential element of online education, providing a standardized framework that makes it easy to create and distribute educational content. Its significance lies in its ability

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How to build a strong, sustainable reputation: 5 key strategies

In a world that’s becoming increasingly aware of social and environmental values, and committing itself to lasting change, the role of companies has been transformed. Today’s businesses need to consider aspects that go far beyond just their economic interests, such as improving people’s quality of life, the impact they have

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How to integrate OKR and ESG to optimize your business performance

Today, companies worldwide are undergoing a dramatic transition in order to become more ethically, environmentally and socially responsible. ESG criteria, which evaluate a company’s performance in these three areas, have become crucially important in the business world. This is not simply a passing trend, but a full-scale revolution in the

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Key Learning Management System (LMS) features

Learning Management Systems (LMS), essential tools in the world of education and professional development, enable educational institutions and businesses to efficiently manage online learning. This is why an increasing number of organizations are opting for these platforms. However, not all LMS systems are the same. There are certain features that

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Internal communication tools: The importance of enhancing collaboration

When it comes to establishing a positive working environment and a healthy working culture, collaboration and teamwork are fundamental. In order to foster them within a company, internal communication plays an essential role. Effective internal communication is the foundation of organizational success. Companies are increasingly recognizing the need to establish

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Building the future: Benefits and strategies of corporate sustainability

Just a few decades ago, finding the word “sustainability” among a company’s objectives was uncommon. But, in recent years, more and more companies have begun to embrace sustainability and commit to their contribution to the environment.  Traditional business models that prioritize economic interests above all else have become mostly a

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What is everboarding? The training strategy of the future

The onboarding process for new employees is crucial to the success of any organization. It gives team members the opportunity to learn about the company and its culture, see how to carry out processes and understand its products or services.  Some studies reveal that a good onboarding experience can increase

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Essential skills your team needs for remote working 

According to a recent report, combining remote work with office work is a priority in many organizations. In fact, 64% of them plan to adopt a hybrid work model.  This is largely thanks to the creation of new digital professions, advancements in technology, and new generations of employees with different

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