Digital library

What is a digital library? 

A digital library is an online platform that offers a variety of digital educational resources to support learning and teaching. 

What are the benefits of a digital library? 

Digital libraries facilitate access to knowledge. The main advantages include: 

  • Global and anytime access: You can access information from anywhere in the world, regardless of the time. All you need is an internet connection. You can also browse from any computer or mobile device. 
  • Up-to-date and constantly growing archive: This type of library does not rely on printed materials, which means it can be constantly updated with the latest research and information. 
  • Variety of resources: Resources are presented in the form of e-books, digital books, magazines, legal documents, videos, and podcasts, among others. 

What are digital libraries used for? 

As an educational resource without time or space limits, digital libraries help students and researchers delve into a topic of interest. They also serve as a supporting tool for teachers to enhance their courses or update their knowledge. 

Some digital libraries also allow users to interact with the resources, promoting knowledge exchange, community learning, and collaborative projects.  

Types of resources available in a digital library 

As a digital space, digital libraries are forever expanding, which broadens the diversity of educational formats. Some of the common files you can find are: 

  • E-books  

Many books have been transformed into a digital format, meaning they can be accessed in a variety of ways. 

  • Digital magazines and newspapers 

 Just like e-books, some magazines and newspapers are also available online n, allowing you to consult articles, press releases, interviews, and more via a digital device. 

  • Legislative documentation  

If your research requires investigating legal matters, you can find legal materials or references to expand your search.. 

  • Dictionaries and glossaries 

These texts help users to understand specific words or terminologies. 

  • Encyclopedias 

These works cover various fields of knowledge on a common topic. 

  • Archives from official organizations and institutions 

These documents are highly reliable sources, backed by public organizations. 

  • Presentations and research papers

Presentations and research papers allow you to access research conducted by experts. 

  • Audio materials 

Information in multimedia format, such as podcasts, interviews, radio programs, recordings, and audiobooks. 

  • Audiovisual material 

Documentary videos, tutorials, presentations, and testimonials are just some examples of audiovisual materials you can find in digital libraries.  

How to make the most of a digital library

While these digital tools enhance knowledge, it’s important to consider the following guidelines: 

  1. Focus on a single research topic: It’s normal for information to seem infinite as you delve deeper. Therefore, it’s best to simplify your search by choosing a topic to focus your efforts on.  
  2. Organize information by dates: Sometimes, a research subject can change over time. Therefore, always verify the dates of the consulted sources and analyze them for up-to-date information. 
  3. Take advantage of different formats: As mentioned, there is a wide variety of digital formats on offer. Make the most of them to explore different aspects of the same topic. Alternative perspectives will provide a broader view of the subject matter. 

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Cristina Sánchez
Cristina Sánchez
Digital PR Specialist at isEazy

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