Digital workspace

What is a digital workspace and how does it work?

A digital workspace is an innovative solution that allows traditional work processes to be adapted to the modern needs of companies and their employees. The concept was born out of a need for a more dynamic approach that didn’t rely on traditional intranets available exclusively via company computers.

The digital workspace integrates all a company’s process using the latest digital tools which allows employees to perform their work in a more agile and efficient way, no matter where they are based.

Features of digital workspace

While the intranet is an environment focused on human resources with a primary function of communicating corporate news and information, digital workspaces offer a multitude of benefits for employees.

  • Employee first: the interface is user-centric and designed to improve the employee experience.
  • Social and collaborative: promotes the exchange of ideas and enhances communication.
  • Mobile: access anytime, anywhere from PC, smartphone or tablet.
  • Tailor-made: spaces are designed to communicate the unique processes, information and documentation of the company.

What are the advantages of a digital workspace for collaboration and productivity?

The main benefit of a digital workspace is that it improves the employee’s work experience, but, in addition, a social and collaborative digital workspace comes with other advantages that we explore below.

Centralize company information

A digital workspace allows you to centralize all the knowledge, documentation, and communication in your company in one place. This includes product sheets, catalogs, presentations, training, news, certificates, documentation, and projects among others.

Thanks to cloud systems or mobile applications, employees access content anytime, anywhere.

Improve and streamline internal processes

In addition to providing employees with the right tools to work, digital workspaces facilitate customized training, automatic processes, and the segmentation of documentation by department, project, or geographical area.

This accelerates processes, by offering information of interest for specific tasks. In this way, employees feel more connected to the organization, are able to streamline their workflows and increase their capacity for innovation.

Fostering a collaborative culture

If the main objective of your intranet is corporate communication, this can be provided in a much more natural, social, and collaborated way via a digital workspace. Thanks to the use of digital functionalities such as chats, ratings, management tools and gamification, teamwork is enhanced.

Essential tools to implement an effective digital workspace

Having the right tools is essential for successfully implementing a digital workspace. Examples include online collaboration platforms that facilitate real-time communication between employees and project management tools that help organize tasks. There are also cloud storage applications that allow you to share documents from wherever you work from.

isEazy Engage, is another useful tool. This app facilitates training, communication and task management all in one place through the use of engaging, interactive resources. Employees can access the training, communication and corporate knowledge they need anytime, anywhere with isEazy Engage. Ready to boost engagement and productivity? Try it for free.

Fernando González Zurita
Fernando González Zurita
SEO Specialist at isEazy

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