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Frontline workers training market: Who they are and what they really need?


The frontline workers’ training market is growing fast, representing 80% of the global workforce, according to the report by Emergence: The rise of the deskless workforce. Nurses, sales reps, delivery drivers, point-of-sale staff, construction workers, drivers… These are just a few examples of the types of jobs that frontliners have.

Without a doubt, these types of workers are essential for any organization. Even though their role stands different from the rest of the company’s employees, you must offer them the same (or even more) development and training opportunities as the rest of your staff. But how can this be done effectively? Read on and find out!

Frontline workers in figures

As we’ve mentioned, the role of frontline workers is quite different from the rest of your staff. In addition to working outside the office (deskless workers), they have other characteristics and needs. Here are some numbers that will help you better understand these types of workers:

Frontline workers training market: Who they are?

Growth of the frontline workers training market

Companies are increasingly aware of the importance of training their frontline professionals. In fact, according to one of the latest reports from Markets and Markets, the frontline workers training market will reach $40.1 million by 2027.

This growth is mainly due to the need to adapt corporate training programs to the characteristics of these workers using new formats and methodologies that improve their training experience.

Microlearning is the perfect match for frontliners due to its form of micro-content that they can complete on the go, right from their phones. But organizations must also invest in creating more dynamic and interactive e-learning content to keep them engaged and motivated.

New technologies key to training your frontline workers

New technologies play a crucial role when training these professionals. All frontline workers rely on digital devices to carry out their daily tasks regardless of their position.

However, even as companies increasingly recognize the impact technology has on boosting productivity and job satisfaction for these workers, they still need to catch up when it comes to giving frontliners the technology they need to do their jobs well. Barely 1% of the $300 billion in annual funding of software companies goes towards specific solutions for these frontline workers.

If companies want to ensure long-term success, they need to provide their frontliners with digital tools that allow them to stay connected and up to date with everything happening in the organization. Frontline workers need access to all the latest corporate information and documentation in their workflow and manage their tasks seamlessly. But above all, they need practical and continuous training.


isEazy Engage, the training app for frontline workers

Today, the growth of new technologies and the rise of mobile devices have enabled the development of solutions to train frontliners, no matter where they are. The problem? Not all of them consider the specific needs of frontliners and transfer the training content to a mobile format. This means that frontline workers are disconnected from their training, with limited access and a lack of motivation.

With a training app like isEazy Engage, frontline workers will have training content suited to their needs. Companies can easily use microlearning strategies and create micro-content so that their workers can access their training through their smartphones and improve their learning experience. isEazy Engage allows you to add all kinds of interactive and multimedia content, such as videos, audio, exercises, and games, to the training and make learning much more dynamic.

isEazy Engage also provides access to communication, knowledge, and task management, all in one place. This way, you get a comprehensive solution designed for these professionals, increasing their engagement and productivity. What are you waiting for? Give it a try! Request a free trial of isEazy Engage and train and engage your frontliners with one integrated solution.

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