Creating an effective online onboarding experience

In a professional world increasingly dominated by technology and less by human interaction, the onboarding process faces an array of new challenges. Ensuring that employees feel engaged and satisfied in their new work environment is crucial, but designing an onboarding process that meets these expectations can be complicated.

The importance of onboarding in the digital age 

A good onboarding plan includes much more than just initial employee training. Not only does it provide them with all the knowledge and tools they need to perform their duties effectively, but it also influences their perception of the company, their integration into their new team and, pivotally, their job satisfaction.

In addition, it also has an impact on talent retention and business reputation, both essential ingredients for employee wellbeing and the success of the company.

Corporate apps: the solution for online onboarding 

With more than 5.4 billion unique mobile phone users worldwide, corporate apps are emerging as a great solution for onboarding new employees, particularly for frontliners or those who work remotely. These apps allow you to train, communicate with and guide your professionals from day one, regardless of their location, profile or individual needs. And, what’s more, they’re perfectly adapted to the latest generations of digitally literate employees.


What will you find in this whitepaper?

  1. Key elements of a successful onboarding program.
  2. The biggest challenges in remote onboarding (and how to overcome them).
  3. How to use corporate apps as an onboarding solution.
  4. The 6 phases of an effective (remote) onboarding program.

And much more! 

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