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The SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) standard is a set of specifications that aim to ensure the interoperability, accessibility, and reusability of web content. Building upon this, SCORM packages are a collection of files packaged following the standard, which typically include content and activities. But what exactly are SCORM activities?

What are SCORM activities and how do they work in e-learning environments?

The term SCORM activities refers to an assortment of content and activities that comply with the SCORM standard, and that are featured within a course to be completed by students. They are most commonly recognized as the resources with which learners or trainers will interact during a course, although sometimes the same term is used to refer to the module that allows training managers to upload SCORM packages into a course in the first place.

Through a SCORM activities module, you can upload any package that you wish to integrate into a course. Inside, you’ll find many different types of resources or activities – created with authoring tools or content creation programs – that you can later view in your LMS.

The key features of SCORM activities on online training platforms

There are many different types of SCORM activities that you can find within a course. These include assignments, lessons, exercises, tests, wikis, workshops, surveys and more, but whatever form they take, they typically share the same characteristics:

  • Interoperable: SCORM activities can be used in any SCORM-compatible LMS without needing to be modified. This ensures that they will operate and can be visualized correctly.
  • Reusable: SCORM activities can be reused across many different courses and educational contexts.
  • Easy to access: They are deliberately designed following SCORM standards so that users can access them through different platforms and devices.
  • Durable: They maintain their functionality over time, even when the technology underpinning them changes.
  • Adaptable: Their contents can be modified and adapted for different educational requirements without affecting their compatibility with an LMS.

The advantages of using SCORM activities when developing e-learning courses

SCORM activities not only allow you to create standardized, adaptable and reusable content, but are also valuable study elements in their own right. They improve the effectiveness of learning, enrich course content, and make it easier for leaders to manage the training process. Some of their main advantages include:

Enhanced customization and flexibility

SCORM activities can easily adapt to different learning styles. By integrating and mixing various types of content such as text, audio, video, exercises and games, training managers can build unique modules to create personalized courses that meet specific objectives.

Improved learning experience

These activities encourage student participation through quizzes, interactive exercises, and games, which also help to enhance understanding and knowledge retention. Moreover, SCORM activities can be configured to provide rapid feedback to learners, helping them to quickly identify areas for improvement

Greater efficiency in management and monitoring

SCORM activities can be used to assess students, for example by providing a test that allows learners to move on to the next module or exercise after a correct attempt. Such activities help those in charge of training to identify potential gaps or shortcomings in a course and make adjustments accordingly.

Optimized resources

SCORM activities can be reused across different courses without requiring modification, amounting to significant savings in time and resources.

How to integrate and customize SCORM activities within your training program

Integrating SCORM activities into your courses and training programs is easy when you use an authoring tool, and here at isEazy Author, we make it even easier:

  1. Create your SCORM course from a template: You can choose from the multiple options we have to offer in our library, or create your own corporate template.
  2. Edit your content quickly: Choose a structure, add the content, and then power it up with over 25 types of interactive element to choose from, including video, audio, exercises, infographics and more. What’s more, with isEazy Author you can create spectacular and accessible courses in just minutes, and thanks to our powerful AI features, you can multiply your productivity and level up the whole learning experience.
  3. Download your SCORM package: Choose the version of SCORM that best suits your needs – either SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004 – and download your package, which you can integrate directly into your LMS. You can also publish your course through Tincan/xApi, direct link, by publishing it on your website or intranet, or even through isEazy Author Go, your very own learning environment. It’s that easy!

It’s time for you to discover isEazy Author, our unique authoring tool that allows you to create courses quickly and intuitively, ready to export in SCORM format to your LMS. Request a demo today!

Elizabeth Aguiar Chacón
Elizabeth Aguiar Chacón
Content Marketing Specialist at isEazy

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